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Interesting post, and thank you Tara Sparling from Ireland.

Originally posted on Tara Sparling writes:

I Hate Women's Fiction, And I'll Tell You Why

Hey, you! Yes, you there, with the marketing degree! Or you, Creative Director with that massive advertising agency; hell, even you, person who spends more time than is healthy shouting at the TV when terrible ads come on, because you could do better. (Four monkeys with bad head colds could do better, you admit, but that’s not the point.)

I have a job for you. Are you ready? Good.

You have no time whatsoever, and 55% of a regular marketing budget, to repackage Women’s Fiction and sell it to the reading masses as something which is just as good as Men’s Fiction.

Because, well – you know Men’s Fiction, right? The genre listed on all the annual bestseller round-ups? You can see it right there, can’t you? Just underneath the 74th biography of Steve Jobs – which is listed as a ‘Biography’ – you can see it. It’s in the top…

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Hey, does anyone know where Mary Beth is?  I tried the blog and it is gone.  I tried emailing her, but got Delivery Failure notice that her email address is no longer active.  Please someone tell me you know where she is and that she is ok.

On this date I went to the club house to read and write while listing to music.  I’ve been asking God for answers to prayers and for inspiration.  Amazing what we hear when we change locations, whether a quiet place or not so quiet but different.

Other than the music being piped in it was quiet in the community club house with no one else around.  It afforded me the time to clear my mind, to allow inspiration and wisdom to flow inward.  So I put my headphones on, and chose a relaxing music  station on Pandora.

A lovely piece started and caught my attention.  I looked at the screen and saw it was from Adoration by David Nevue and titled “Just As I Am”.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxcPPfSVyRs  I sat mesmerized by the music, and at that moment giving myself to God – Just As I Am, because I know He loves me unconditionally, even when I make dumb decisions.

Next from the piano of Chris Rice on his album The Living Room Sessions came “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hps2_qf8hLk and I began remembering my blessings.

That was followed by The Hymns Collection b Anthony Burger and the piece titled “There is Power in The Blood/Nothing but the Blood/at Calvary”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j74XbGtG0kY I wondered about the differences of working through blood, sweat, and tears; or through peace, joy, and the beautiful inspiration walking the pathways of our minds.

God’s gifts of various art forms to those who are so inspired, are then passed on to others in the form of encouragement,  peace within,  inspiration.

All of these were gifted to me this day.  And the final two pieces were just what I needed as part of this special time through music …  “Be Still My Soul” by Chris Rice, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PglFWGZHy8 and “Peaceful Seclusion” by Nature on: Waterfalls.


How beautiful such peace and calm washes over me, and my forever gratitude to God, my Heavenly Father through His son Jesus Christ for the gifts He bestows on all those who are inspired to create such as these.

I’m sitting here in the Barnes & Noble Café on Haywood Road with my headphones on listening to relaxing music via Pandora on my Nook.  The headphones allow me to hear my own music, and drown out the loud piped in music supplied by the store.  I’m catching up on my reading of articles in Poets & Writers magazine.  They teach and inspire me.

A few minutes ago two women in their 50s or 60s sat down two tables away from me.  They are speaking in loud voices which intrude on my mind space.  So concentration, even a little concentration is not possible.

Now I hear Frank Sinatra singing My Kind of Town on the store speakers.  I can’t even drown them out by turning my volume all the way up, which could possibly damage my eardrums!

Wait…Frank’s song strikes me as significant to the part of my story of…finding home.  I suspect it is because of the article I just read by Joni Tevis under P&Ws section The Literary Life and titled Getting the Lead Out, about discovering a better essay in the foothills of South Carolina.

Now as I am reading the sub-section Why We Write Michael Bourne telling us that failure is an option.  This one makes me wonder if I should create a new blog of word, phrases, short sentences that have meaning to me…my thoughts, my life, my world, my town, my ongoing search within my heart, soul and spirit.

A good few hours.  Makes me smile.

Check out Joni Tevis and her book The World Is On Fire http://www.jonitevis.com/author.html

and Michael Bourne at http://www.michaelbournewriter.com/new-page-1/

Ann Marquette:

This is painful to read, and so sad that so many feel the same way as “m” yet can’t bring ourselves to put it into our own words. :(

Originally posted on the liminal life of m:

Another school shooting today. 294 mass shootings in 274 days.

My kids learned in kindergarten how to hide under their desks and wait for death.

I’ve spent an hour waiting in the school parking lot after the final bell for lock-down to be lifted so I could take my terrified babies home. Third graders and kindergartners are babies. My babies.

I was in high school for the Columbine Shooting.

The year before someone called in a bomb threat at my school.

I was studying at community college for the Virginia Tech shooting. My physics study group was camped out at the table in the math and physics office wing when we got the news. We went right back to our homework. Our prof chewed the class out that we didn’t stop to grieve for those kids. “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS?!” he raved. But he still collected our homework…

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Calling Me Home

Originally posted on Ann Marquette:


You opened your arms to welcome me
You spoke as to a friend
You smiled as we passed
Your heart whispered,
As it flowed alongside mine
“Come Home”

Your charm and beauty inspire me
Your soul reaches out and touches me
Your spirit fills me with endless possibilities, and
Calls Me Home

You wrap me in a warm embrace,
As if a long parted lover
You fill me with joy and comfort
A sense deep inside, that you are
Calling Me Home.

© September 11, 2007

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Locking the Door?

Something inspired me to write this a few months ago. Finally decided to post it before my recent writings.

Locking the Door? 

Should I lock the door
the door to me
my spirit, my soul and heart
only leaving a little light
burning inside?

Have you ever felt this way?

Being sensitive souls, we sometimes feel we are un-liked, unloved, that no one really cares.
We feel as though we could be gone from this world and no one would notice. Maybe on occasion someone would wonder what happened to us, but not enough to check. And if they do and think we are ok, they may not wonder again for months.

In this world we live in, we tend to have so many things on our minds that we forget to check in on family, friends, and even friendly acquaintances on occasion. Our lives get distracted by a variety of things, and we tend to do a lot of “just busy stuff” that really doesn’t mean much, if anything.

How many times do you see two or more people together, either walking or even sitting together, but each of them is on their phones texting, emailing, or even talking to someone else. They don’t even care enough to actually communicate, to share quality time with each other face to face. I have been to blame on a rare occasion, for just for a second or two if I have been expecting an important call or text. But, I practice putting my cell on vibrate and keeping it in my purse…unless I am with a “friend” who checks her notifications and will even respond with a text or answer the call!

We get so self-absorbed in our own lives that we forget to check in on those we care about. And even when we are together we are not even fully present to the other person. So sad, because we are actually missing out on the gift right in front of us…the person we claim to care about.

Whenever I have felt neglected by others, especially if I have made the effort to connect, it would make me sad and unloved, or just unlikable. It is rare these days that I allow myself to feel that way, even for a short time. Some years ago a major trauma in my life brought this home to my heart in a big way. I finally had the AHA moment when I wondered how many times I may have made someone else feel sad, lonely, unloved!  Now I really try to connect with others, at least every now and then to let them know I am thinking of them, that I care.


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