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Recently as I lay waiting for my nighttime sleep to begin, I felt my current life’s path was about to change. I sensed a new journey was about to begin.

I have had so many paths in my life. There was a mixture of bad and good experiences. The best part of each path has been the wonderful people who came into my life.

Every new path brought many lessons, each making my life better than before.

It is exciting to anticipate what new blessings God has in store for me.

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On Good Friday we remember that the son of God, Jesus Christ was scourged, and nailed to a cross to die for us.  He went through the excruciating pain and died that our sins be forgiven.

Last night the top part of the Bing cherry tree out front was cut down, and this morning the trunk of it was brought down.  It was sad, yet it had to be done.  Now the front of the house is more visible with the extra light.  So, we begin anew.

Here are some photos of it coming down.


Coming down by Ann Marquette

Top Gone by Ann Marquette

The Naked Trunk by Ann Marquette

Time for Body to Fall by Ann Marquette

All Gone by Ann Marquette

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Daisies And Drops

Yes, it is the first day of April 2012 🙂

What a joyous way to begin April, a beautiful month of the year, this year beginning with Holy Week ~ Palm Sunday.  A week of sadness for Jesus’ death on the cross to pay for our sins, then His rising from death on Easter Sunday…joy, joy, joy.

Per my previous post, for me April is the month, the time of year when I love to begin anew…something.  What will it be this year?

One year ago tomorrow, April 2nd, I put my house FOR SALE BY OWNER sign out front.  There have been some lookers, a few who really liked it, but no offers yet.  Why should they, when they can spend the extra time, effort, frustration of buying a foreclosure or short sale for almost nothing!  My soul knows when the time is right it will sell.  Earthly reality is that our economy is still bad and the housing market still crappy.  So, I wonder if I should take the sign down and wait for, who knows how long, for the housing prices to return to more appropriate values so traditional sales will actually sell for more than what is owed to the mortgage company!  Or should I just leave the sign up, and pray for a miracle!!  After all, it is just the beginning of April.  What surprise blessings are in store this month?

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Bing Cherry Tree 2012 by Ann Marquette

For some reason the word April conjures up visions of newness, of spring blossoms, awakening from the winter season.

In the last several years I always like to begin something new in my life on the 1st day of April if possible, or within a couple days of it.  Sometimes things which begin at other times turn out better.  The right timing for the right circumstance can be any time.  When trusting God to put things in place for his best for us and in his time it is always better.With all this in mind I eagerly look forward to April 2012 and what surprises and blessings God has in store for me.  As I wait, I remember last year’s post on April 1st …



Bing Cherry Tree 2012 by Ann Marquette

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The above title was suggested for today’s PostADay 2011 challenge.

I am looking forward to and pray for this year being better for everyone…even if it only begins with small things. I will be grateful for it all.

For me, I am looking forward to:
~ becoming more of who I really AM
~ becoming a better writer and more prolific
~ looking forward to more surprise blessings…not just for me,
but also for others throughout the year.

I do have some big dreams, and I believe in them. They may not happen as I see them happen, which is ok because then I will be surprised by even better blessings. In the meantime I walk the path toward them.

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Today, Sunday September 12th has been a quiet day filled with writing, connecting with other writers, reading the work of another author, and contemplating.

Recently I have been thinking about people from my past and have been looking for them to find out how they are and where their life has taken them.
Last week I connected with a guy I knew when I was a senior in high school and he took me to my senior prom. It was lovely to find him through facebook, happily married with children and enjoying his retirement.

Today I received a friend request from someone I thought I didn’t know. I asked how she found me and more about her. Turns out she is someone I worked with five years ago, someone I really liked. It is lovely that we are now connected again and catching up.

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