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It is raining outside. Well, I know I don’t need to add the word “outside” since where else would it rain. Inside?! Maybe, if there is a hole in the roof, or the window is open and the wind is blowing the rain in.

The rain is reminding me of the movie “Singin In The Rain” where Gene Kelly is dancing and singing in the rain.  That looks like fun.  It is a happy song, and his reason for singing and dancing in the rain.  

Maybe this will bring a smile to your face!  


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Reading the Touchstones of Happiness, 75 of them from various individuals reminds me of some of my own.

My morning cup of French Press coffee with Jesus.

The day my brother came to us, only a few days old as a foster child. And again, when our parents brought him back home from a hospital in Virginia where is biological mother had left him, then decided to let us adopt him. We got him back before his first birthday. Thinking of him makes me smile.

A sweatshirt he gave me which I wore until it was nearly in tatters. I was able to save the front of it and a friend made it into a small pillow cover. Now I can hug it lovingly, like I am hugging him.

Fresh flowers bring me joy, especially tulips, calilies, and daisies.

Books, books, books.

My Tiffany Bracelet from Becky. And remembering how I met her…at my Tiffany Reception hosted by the Regional VP of Tiffany’s for my newly published book.

Walks along a sandy beach at the ocean.

A fresh new legal pad of paper, a favorite pen…and the beginning of a new writing.

Or a clean white Word doc writing with the keys on my tablet as I sit in the Barnes and Noble Café.

Quality time with friends, face to face.

What are some of your touchstones of happiness?  Would love to read yours.


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How many times have I heard or read “home is where the heart is” or “home is where you hang your hat” or “home is wherever you are” ~ oh my! Anyway, I left Michigan where I was born to live in the sunnier Miami, Florida. It was “ok,” but the humidity and heat so many months of the year was stifling. Just as I was thinking about moving back to Michigan near family, I met a man and we ended up getting married! Well that ended 5 years later when he was having an affair with a neighbor and said he wanted a divorce. A couple years later and after several major traumas in my life, ending with my Father’s death I moved to Ireland.  I needed a major break in my life and wanted to experience living abroad. A few months after moving there, guess what, I met a man and we ended up getting married several months later. After 12 years of marriage, most of that time in and out of marriage counseling  I found out he was having an affair. As there was no divorce in Ireland and 20% unemployment I moved back to the US.  I chose Atlanta GA where I believed it was the right place to start back in my home country. I got the divorce from the Irish husband and lived in Georgia for 23 years, except for five months in Napa CA. In all these places I never felt AT HOME.

In 2006 after moving back to GA from CA I decided to find a place near enough for just getting away day trips. Once reading about the downtown area of Greenville, SC I decided to make a trip to check it out. It was great and so were the people. I found it to be a breath of fresh air, times of joy in my life every time I visited. Then change in me began to take place and one day I realized I had actually found HOME. The desire to move there grew, but I had a townhouse in GA to sell. I first started trying to sell in 2008 just as our economy tanked, and it continued to get worse. I finally sold it November 2013. Still lost my shirt on it, but didn’t have to take money to the table to get rid of it. So I was finally able to move to Greenville, SC.

Everything is not perfect here. Some of those who were so friendly and even suggested we would get together…never happened.  I have yet to find a part time job, which I really need pretty soon (some source of supplemental income).

BUT, I am so HAPPY being in Greenville. I love it here and it is HOME to me. I have made some lovely new friends, found a great church, and becoming more involved in life here. Here is where I find my JOY.

Have you found your HOME place and your JOY?

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This is a great post by one of my favorite bloggers “teecee” and really spoke to my heart.  Enjoy…

The Ideal Friend!

Posted on March 20, 2012 by

If I had a friend that would be there for me, just when I wanted, that would smile, precisely when I need a smile, that would hug me, the very moment I’ll seek a hug and would speak a word where all that matters is a word, Would I be happier?

If I had a friend that spurs me up to get things done, that offers a hand to ease the stress, that generates ideas to make things swift and that enlightens me on priorities, Would I be more productive?

If I had a friend that who would ensure that I eat the best meals, who would insist that I wear the best cloths, who would verify that I make the best choice and who would ascertain that I strike the best deals, Would I be more fulfilled?

If I had a friend that would show me what counts, that would teach me what matters, that would expose me to the vital and that would involve me in the crucial, Would I be more focused?

If I had a friend that would introduce me to great personalities, that would position me in spheres of influence, that would tell me about decision making and that would spend time with me on leadership issues, Would I be more relevant?

If I had a friend that would dance with me anytime I wanted, plead my case whenever I need representation, rescue me from tight situations and say the words that set me right wherever I’ve veered of track, would I be perfect?

I prefer to be exciting than to be excited, to help than to be helped, to smile than to be smiled at… the list is endless but I’m happier when I’m the reason that change came, I feel more productive when I inspire the motivation that gets things done, I’m more fulfiled when others are happy because of me, I am more focused when my action meets a need rather than just fulfilling an obligation, I consider relevance as having a worthy contribution and not just occupying a position or associating with the leadership and I’m perfect when I’m myself; expressing my thoughts, ideas and concepts without prejudice, compulsion or comparism. I’m unique and free. I better be that friend!

-Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teeceecounsel.

Stop by teecee’s post and leave her a comment  http://teeceecounsel.wordpress.com/2012/03/20/the-ideal-friend/

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Such a perfect post today from Zen Habits: Learning to sit Alone, in a Quiet Empty Room.  I have been working on this myself in the mornings.  My room may not be empty, but it is quiet and I don’t even turn on the computer until after my quiet coffee time with God.  My day truly does turn out better.

Do check out Zen Habits post  http://zenhabits.net/alone/

I am grateful for this post, for my quiet times and the joy of better days.

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This was written as a wedding gift to friends of mine several years ago.

We danced through our lives
to different tunes, different steps.

We searched for a long time for someone
special, our one true love, to share our lives.

The paths we walked were varied, sometimes
far and wide, at times close and parallel to each other,
without our knowing. Until one day…

Our paths crossed and we met. We began a shared dance,
sometimes together sometimes separately,
but always back together again.

Our hearts, our souls, heard the same music, the same tune.
We found we could no longer dance through our lives
without each other.

Our steps may not always match, and times may find us
stumbling over or against each other.
But, our souls will always hear the same heartbeat,
the same music.

Our love, and God’s love in us, will keep us
dancing the same path the rest of our days.

In community with our Families and Friends,
with God’s grace and blessings,
we share this our Wedding Day,
Our Dance of Love.

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I don’t remember ever wanting to be someone else. But, I was always insecure and lacking of self-confidence. Over the years since my early 20’s I have worked at becoming a better person, and different from my mother.

So many children grow up to have many of the same traits and habits of their parents. Even though some parents are not bad people, some of us have seen our parents act in ways we don’t care to emulate. I am one of those.

As I grew older I gradually realized why my mother said and did the things which hurt me. She had things happen to her which affected her deeply. She did not understand herself and could not even admit she acted the way she did to me and my brother.

Thankfully my understanding gave way to forgiveness. My heart went out to her when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, even though we had never grown close. My brother and I eventually had to put her in an Alzheimer’s assisted living home. That was so sad. She really did deserve a better life than she had, and a happier last few years. She passed into Heavenly peace in April this year.

On January 1st this year I made the decision to spend this year working on my own transformation. I want to be the kind of person God wants me to be. I knew I wanted to develop better habits, improve myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. It won’t happen over night, but with daily working on the various changes even at least one of them each day I will get there.

Yesterday (November 15, 2010) I heard Joyce Meyer ask the question “Are you happy with yourself, or trying to be someone else?” It was an AH HA moment for me as I thought about my own personal answer.

There have been many things I’ve not liked about myself. Yet today, as I think of the progress I’ve made over the years and I realize, I do like myself. I’m proud of how far I’ve come over the many years to become a better person, gaining wisdom, and I hope a more loving heart.

I don’t want to be someone else. I just want to be me, who I am meant to be. I am happy with myself ~ and even happier with each accomplishments along the way to a better me.

November 15, 2010

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