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Sharing a picture of my special spot. This place which gives me a sense of peace and joy; and heart smiles.

A Peaceful Place by Ann Marquette

Where is your peaceful place?

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Sunny skies, sounds of water flowing and falling…
Ah, wish I were there, sitting on the rock in quiet reflection.

The Little Falls, Greenville photo by Ann Marquette

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Autumn Leaves - Greenville Falls Park 2010

A great couple days filled with sunshine, both externally and internally. I am grateful every day for my blessings, and some of those are on my list of joys.


 Waking up to a brand new day.

 The beauty of the autumn leaves. 

 Sharing lunch with a friend…Barbara.

 The gift of a special chocolate cake given to me from Barbara…yum!

 Hearing my Brother’s voice over the phone.

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This is a good one for this time of year with the heat!  So, I found one I took in Greenville, SC…definitely refreshing, at least for the child enjoying the fall.

Under the Waterfall by Ann Marquette

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Some months ago as many of us arrived at friends to celebrate another birthday we saw this owl sitting on a cooler on their front porch.  It sat there for hours.  The friends who lived there said they believe they saw it walking slowly around the yard the day before.  We figured it was hurt.  They tried to call a couple of places such as critter control and wildlife department. Could not get any satisfaction from anyone.  They were going to try to call again the next day, but the owl was gone by the time we left.

The Owl by Ann Marquette

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I had something else in mind for tonight’s post, but decided on sharing one of my favorite photos. It gives me a sense of peace after imagining I place all my cares in the river and let it take them away.

A Peaceful Place by Ann Marquette
Where is your peaceful place?

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The forest ranger had no idea the resident of this nest. So, my imagination goes down another path 🙂 No, I am not going to tell you where it has gone. Instead, I want to hear from you…who or what do you think has made this their home?

Who Lives Here by Ann Marquette

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I finally got more photos of the Robin in the nest she made in the tree in front of my house. I could only get them from the window upstairs.  Wasn’t able to get any clearer.  Will try to get more as time goes on.


My Resident Nester

Can you see her head?

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Sharing a photo I took of a young lady chilling out and reading along the Reedy River, downtown Greenville, SC.

Just Chillin along the Reedy by Ann Marquette

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Who Is There photo by Ann Marquette

Through the leaves
over the wall
behind the curtains
Who is There?

I love this picture. I sense a beauty beyond.

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