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Some months ago as many of us arrived at friends to celebrate another birthday we saw this owl sitting on a cooler on their front porch.  It sat there for hours.  The friends who lived there said they believe they saw it walking slowly around the yard the day before.  We figured it was hurt.  They tried to call a couple of places such as critter control and wildlife department. Could not get any satisfaction from anyone.  They were going to try to call again the next day, but the owl was gone by the time we left.

The Owl by Ann Marquette


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Today I went with a friend to the Wild Edibles Workshop & Wild Edibles Walk at the Chattahoochee River Environmental Education Center. Over 30 attended and they were a most enjoyable group.
The only wild animal I ALMOST got a photo of was the backside of a hawk in its nest high up in a big tree.

Backside of Hawk in Nest photo by Ann Marquette

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Siberian Chipmunk photographed on the mountain...


I have a tiny fenced in area behind my townhouse. There is a patio and a small section with groundcover and a few plants. Occasionally a chipmunk shows up.

Yesterday I looked out the patio doors and there was a large magnificent butterfly. Its coloring was a black which graduated into softened grays, then a beautiful turquoise. It would flit about then land for a few seconds, then flit around again. It was a lovely sight. Eventually it flew up and over the six foot fence.

Later, I was working in the kitchen. At one point I slowly turned around and looked out the kitchen window. And there was the chipmunk standing straight up. Unfortunately, he or she saw my movement and ran off. Darn, I love it when I see him/her out there.

The joy of nature and the little critters are God’s gifts which I am grateful for. 

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