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Cool October Morning Along the Reedy River by ann marquette

Then the Sunshine and Flowing Leaves by ann marquette

Over the Falls by ann marquette





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Patti,  I know you loved the Autumn as I do.  What a beautiful time to walk into the next life with our Lord.  You sounded so good in your last post and the last comment you left on my post about Autumn.  I forgot how sick you were and that there was no cure.  Your husband left us the message on your blog today.  I will miss you.  I add more photos here of Autumn…for you Patti.

Autumn in Downtown Greenville SC by ann marquette

Stop Awhile Autumn Time by ann marquette

A Favorite Spot by ann marquette



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Sharing a picture of my special spot. This place which gives me a sense of peace and joy; and heart smiles.

A Peaceful Place by Ann Marquette

Where is your peaceful place?

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Love this place 🙂

Lovely Reedy by Ann Marquette

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Peaceful Place along Reedy River by Ann Marquette

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Thought I would share some photos of day trip to Greenville, SC with a friend who wanted a day away.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.  We are still curious as to the story behind the mommy below with all her babies, but one does not look like it would be one of hers!!

Enjoy the photos.

Mommy and her 9 babies Reedy River, Greenville SC by Ann Marquette

Reedy River and Liberty Bridge Greenville SC by ann marquette

Restful stop along Reedy River by Ann Marquette

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Favorite Resting Spot by the Reedy River (photo by Ann Marquette)

And slowly walking along the river this next one is another favorite spot.

Reedy River and Falls under Liberty Bridge 2010 by Ann Marquette

Just thinking about this makes me smile.  Easy answer for me, and easy to show you.


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Love this topic because those of us who love to take photos, some of the best are when we are in the right place at the right time to catch something good, or maybe even great.  I enjoy capturing people enjoying the Reedy River and waterfall along Falls park in Greenville, SC.  Here are a couple I took last weekend.

Refreshing, But Cold by Ann Marquette

Resting In The Sunshine by Ann Marquette

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Autumn on Reedy River 2010 by Ann Marquette

Reedy River and Water Fall 2010 by Ann Marquette

Reedy River and Falls under Liberty Bridge 2010 by Ann Marquette

More Fall photos taken in Greenville, SC last November 2010.

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Today’s WP suggested topic…Revisit a topic you wrote about in January. 

W A T E R~~~~~~

Reedy River

Ah! I love the sounds of water.
A river flowing over rocks, before it falls over the edge into a waterfall as I sit in a nearby swing.
Ocean tides just kissing the beach or pounding waves crashing on land while I walk along the sandy beach.
Sounds of water lapping against boulders, bubbling streams or small running brooks.
The sound of rain on the window as I am curled up in a big chair reading a good book.

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No not the Empire State Building
That was ok
For Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr
Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan
But not for me
The place to meet my love

Find me on the swing
Under the big tree
Next to the flowing Reedy River
Just below the Main Street Bridge
In the evening near sunset
Come sit with me
Take my hand in yours
Seal our love with a kiss

See you there…

Copyright June 22, 2008

My photo of swing under tree next to the Reedy River downtown Greenville, SC

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I love water and have several photos of the Reedy River and Falls in Greenville, SC.  I took at least 8 photos on a recent trip there with a friend who had never been and wanted to experience the place for herself.  She loves it.    I selected two for this post.

Can you feel the PEACEfulness?

Peaceful Reading at Reedy River Falls

What would you be reading?


A Favorite Spot along Reedy River


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Sharing a photo I took of a young lady chilling out and reading along the Reedy River, downtown Greenville, SC.

Just Chillin along the Reedy by Ann Marquette

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Suggested photo post was for an ocean. I hope the river will do 🙂

Reedy River and Falls under Liberty Bridge by Ann Marquette

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Reedy River

I decided tonight I wanted to another photo of my favorite place.

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