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How many times have you heard that even giving someone a smile, a genuine smile, that it alone can brighten their day.  It does mine, and I hope that my smile can be a little crumb to nourish another’s heart

The wee little crumbs
The birds flock to them
They fight for them
Those crumbs are food
They nourish the winged creatures

The crumbs of our lives
A smile
A kind word
A thank you
A compliment
A moment of praise
Brief moments…

Nourishing crumbs of life
Feeding our spirits
Keeping us alive
Until the next one…

Copyright March 17, 2005


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Those of you who followed the story of the Mourning Doves in the tree outside my front door, and the babies.

Mom with 2 Babies by Ann Marquette

Before I went on my trip to Greenville last week I saw one of the young ones flapping its wings.  But I never saw either of the babies flying out of the nest.

Sadly when I got back on Thursday night the family was gone…and double checking since…they are gone, leaving an empty nest.

The Empty Nest by Ann Marquette

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Ok, I took last night off:-)

As I was watering the plants on my porch last night a little green frog jumped out of one of them.  It hopped over the porch and up one of the posts.  Strange I have never seen any frog around my house, especially not on any part of it.  And then this afternoon I see this one hugging the edge of my patio screen door.

Little Green Frog by Ann Marquette

I also got another picture of the morning dove in the nest as she/he looked in my direction and the leaves were parted enough for me to see.  Earlier last week I was getting worried thinking that the bird was never getting food or water.  So I Goggled morning doves and read up about them.  Apparently the female stays in the nest half of the day, and the male takes over the other half of the day.  So I don’t know which I am taking photos of 🙂


My Morning Dove by Ann Marquette


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A few weeks ago I posted about the robin building a nest in the tree out front, in the branches just above the sidewalk leading to my porch. I watched her as she selected all the pieces and flew up into it placing each piece just where she wanted them. Then I didn’t see her for a very long time.

The Nest

In the last couple days I noticed movement in the nest, but I could never see clearly because of the other branches with their leaves in the way, except the occasional breeze which moved the limbs for a brief half second.

Yesterday and today I tried to capture brief glimpses. Not an easy task, even from the upstairs window.
This afternoon I downloaded the photos to trash the worst ones and see whatever I could see.
Surprisingly the bird I saw in these photos does not look like a robin. I emailed them to my friend, Michael, the Bird Whisperer to see what he thought, with what little we can see. He said it looks like a morning dove, and I agree. And he explained “that happens a lot….also sometimes different birds will use a nest after it has already been used previously by a different species of bird too…..:-) I guess some of them would rather just move in….then have to build from scratch…:-)

Bird In the Nest

Another view of a bird in the nest, which looks like another bird, maybe?

A different bird also in nest?

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I finally got more photos of the Robin in the nest she made in the tree in front of my house. I could only get them from the window upstairs.  Wasn’t able to get any clearer.  Will try to get more as time goes on.


My Resident Nester

Can you see her head?

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 I was sad that I had to cancel my trip to Greenville this weekend for the art festival. Just the gas to drive there and back would cost me $60 which I just cannot spend that right now. I am even careful where I drive around here locally…not too far.

So this weekend I am spending quiet time in prayer and reflection here at the house…NO TELEVISION.


This morning I noticed a MESS AT THE END OF THE WALKWAY to my house..

Hmm! who made this mess (photo by Ann Marquette)


It Is You by Ann Marquette


Making Your Nest by Ann Marquette


The nest is in fairly low branches RIGHT ABOVE my sidewalk.  She is eats lots of the berries from the tree and poops all over my car and parking spots.

Had to take my car to the car wash and will not be parking under the tree for a while.

 What was really cool this morning when I saw her out there, I went out the door with the camera and she never flew away.  Just went about her business gathering stuff for her nest.  Even looked up at me a couple of times.

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Today I went with a friend to the Wild Edibles Workshop & Wild Edibles Walk at the Chattahoochee River Environmental Education Center. Over 30 attended and they were a most enjoyable group.
The only wild animal I ALMOST got a photo of was the backside of a hawk in its nest high up in a big tree.

Backside of Hawk in Nest photo by Ann Marquette

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