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On Good Friday we remember that the son of God, Jesus Christ was scourged, and nailed to a cross to die for us.  He went through the excruciating pain and died that our sins be forgiven.

Last night the top part of the Bing cherry tree out front was cut down, and this morning the trunk of it was brought down.  It was sad, yet it had to be done.  Now the front of the house is more visible with the extra light.  So, we begin anew.

Here are some photos of it coming down.


Coming down by Ann Marquette

Top Gone by Ann Marquette

The Naked Trunk by Ann Marquette

Time for Body to Fall by Ann Marquette

All Gone by Ann Marquette


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It has been awhile… 🙂

Much has been going on, including family house sold and closed last week…yippee!  Another chapter of life closed, and I am ready for a new one.

The best part of last week was spending some good quality time with my brother, who I love very much.  On Friday we took a trip to Rockford, MI to see a cousin who mother cared about and wanted her to have a little something from her Trust.  We took her to lunch and presented her with the surprise.  That was fun for me and my brother.

After spending a little time walking around the quaint shops with our cousin, in the snow, we headed back in order to stop about half way to meet up with other cousins and one remaining aunt (92 years old) at a restaurant for dinner.  On the way there the snow had made the ground (not highway) and trees look like a winter wonderland.  On both sides of the highway it was mostly farmland with open land in between tree lines.  We happened to look to the right and experienced an amazing site…a herd of deer running from one tree line to the next; about 25-30 deer.  And immediately following was another herd; at least 50 in all.  It was a beautiful sight.

We…me and my brother, are so grateful for the sale of mother’s house, the good time spent together, and chance to see a few of our relatives.  Certainly joy to our hearts.

But…I really miss him.   I wish we didn’t live so far apart.

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A photo of a Rusa Deer which is known by its s...

Image by Fayez via Wikipedia

I had a lovely surprise this morning outside my front door.

 I live in a small townhouse community partially surrounded by some good size sections of trees.  There are other areas around where the trees have not been chopped down yet.  It is common to see deer, even running across the main streets.  My community is back off one of the main streets, down a little hill and not visible unless you happen to come down that little side street and come over the hill to the entrance of this place.

 I have occasionally seen a deer around the entrance area of this community.   Have never seen one back here where my house is, at the very back of our neighborhood.  Until today…

 This morning as I looked out the window part of my front door, the sight which greeted me caused my mouth to drop open in awe and wonder.  There across from my house, walking alongside the tree line were FIVE deer, one behind the other.  They were walking pretty fast and before I could get my camera they went down in the ditch along the base of the trees and walked out of sight.  

 What a   beautiful surprise for a Sunday Morning.


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The forest ranger had no idea the resident of this nest. So, my imagination goes down another path 🙂 No, I am not going to tell you where it has gone. Instead, I want to hear from you…who or what do you think has made this their home?

Who Lives Here by Ann Marquette

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Path over cherry trees. (Jerte's Valley)

Cherry trees

Ah, the blessings of spring
They bring renewed hope
A joyful new outlook on life
The heart’s dream of everlasting love
The trees are dressed in beautiful blossoms
Flowers emerging from a renewed earth
Birds singing in the trees
Bringing smiles to a winter weary heart A windy sunny afternoon
Sounds of rustling trees and wind chimes
Clears the cobwebs of the mind
Bringing joy to the soul
Yes, the blessings of spring
Fill my heart with hope
My soul with excitement of surprises to come
My spirit with everlasting love

Copyright May 15, 2004

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A fairy offering wishes, illustration by John ...

A fairy offering wishes, illustration by John Bauer

Oh sure, I guess most of us would say money. Not me.

My magic tree grows various flowers and hidden within bunches of flowers are happy hearts, happy faces, and hugs.

As I move through the world and find those in need of a special bouquet of flowers with a happy heart, a happy face, and hug I take notes for when I get home.

Then I send my wee ambassadors out with just the right bouquet for each person. You see, my magic tree also has a special land underneath where my fairy friends live and they like helping me with the gifting.

What does your magic tree grow?

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Autumn has always been my favorite season. One Autumn a few years ago was extra special.

The tree colors in the city where I lived were more glorious than I had seen them before.

More wonderful, special people had come into my life…even if briefly. My heart used to hurt so much, when people who came into my life, and I would have liked to keep them there, but they would go out again; not for any bad reason, just life.

As I think about these special souls who come in and out of my life, I realize something magical about some of them. They have had unstable or life-threatening sad beginnings to their lives. Yet they and God knew they needed to be in this world of ours. They are living proof of miracles, and strength, goodness and love. These souls create moments of magic in other people’s lives…they have in mine. I think of them as elusive Unicorns who pass through my life reminding me that I have a loving heart. And even though my heart breaks when they leave, I know another will come along to fill that empty space even for a little while.

Maybe it was that Autumn when I learned to be at peace with letting people come in and out of my life as they needed or wanted. This time of year seems to be a beautiful time for Letting Go, to allow myself to become A Blank Slate in order to allow for healing and new beginnings.

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