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I meant to post this last night, but the day got away from me 🙂

Last year on November 16th it was finally MOVING DAY to Greenville SC 🙂 Reedy River and Falls under Liberty Bridge

We got up early as my friends Becky and Scott would arrive shortly.  They were helping with the move.  Once they arrived we loaded the UHaul enclosed trailer I rented the day before, which the guys hitched up to Scott’s big red shiny pickup.  And we packed my SUV to the roof.  My friend and neighbor, Susan also helped with the loading even though she could make the trip with us.

Then off we went, on the two-hour HAPPY drive to my new home.

Once here I showed Becky and Scott my apartment, then the four of us got everything unloaded.  They had to head back to Georgia for a family event so they couldn’t join me and my brother for lunch.  At the moment I cannot remember where John and I went for lunch.  I think we went downtown, then back here to do some unpacking and setup the air mattresses so they would be ready for us to crash that night.

In the evening we met my local friends Carole and Dan at Cheddars for dinner.  It was great to introduce them and John to each other.  It was also the first time for all of us to eat at a Cheddars restaurant.  It was very good and reasonably priced.  It was a lovely evening celebrating my first night in my new home (the apartment AND the city of Greenville).  So glad my brother was here with me.

The next morning we had breakfast at Waffle House, relaxed a bit, unpacked a few more things before driving him to the Greenville-Spartanburg airport for his flight home to Michigan.  I hated to see him go, but he had family and a job to get back to.


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Day 2, one year ago.  This was the day of closing on the sale of my townhouse in Georgia!

Sold House in GA

Sold House in GA

After the closing that morning my brother and I went to lunch.  He then helped me to get all the boxes moved from upstairs to downstairs and organize them for easier loading the next morning for the move to Greenville.

That evening we met three of my gal friends at a restaurant for dinner.  This was the first time my brother and my friends met each other. We had a great time talking and laughing.  It wasn’t goodbyes since I would only be two hours away.

Back at the house we relaxed and watched a little TV before going to sleep for the last time in that house.  Don’t think I got much sleep that night for the excitement of finally being able to move to Greenville.

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One year ago today, November 14th, I drove to Greenville SC…the place I found a few years before as the place I knew I belonged…HOME.  I met with the manager of The Tapestry to walk through the brand new apartment I had selected to be mine.  After the walk through and making notes of a few things to be done before my full move in two days later, we went through all the paperwork and signed where needed while  the Charter tech connected me up with internet service.

It was exciting to receive the keys to my new home.  I moved in all the boxes I brought with me from Georgia.

Later I picked up my brother who had flown in from Michigan.  We stopped back at the apartment so I could show him my place and the community, then we went downtown so I could show him around and had dinner at the Carolina Ale House before driving back to Georgia.

The best part of this was having my brother with me for a few days.

***Tell me about a new beginning you have had in your life.

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How many times have I heard or read “home is where the heart is” or “home is where you hang your hat” or “home is wherever you are” ~ oh my! Anyway, I left Michigan where I was born to live in the sunnier Miami, Florida. It was “ok,” but the humidity and heat so many months of the year was stifling. Just as I was thinking about moving back to Michigan near family, I met a man and we ended up getting married! Well that ended 5 years later when he was having an affair with a neighbor and said he wanted a divorce. A couple years later and after several major traumas in my life, ending with my Father’s death I moved to Ireland.  I needed a major break in my life and wanted to experience living abroad. A few months after moving there, guess what, I met a man and we ended up getting married several months later. After 12 years of marriage, most of that time in and out of marriage counseling  I found out he was having an affair. As there was no divorce in Ireland and 20% unemployment I moved back to the US.  I chose Atlanta GA where I believed it was the right place to start back in my home country. I got the divorce from the Irish husband and lived in Georgia for 23 years, except for five months in Napa CA. In all these places I never felt AT HOME.

In 2006 after moving back to GA from CA I decided to find a place near enough for just getting away day trips. Once reading about the downtown area of Greenville, SC I decided to make a trip to check it out. It was great and so were the people. I found it to be a breath of fresh air, times of joy in my life every time I visited. Then change in me began to take place and one day I realized I had actually found HOME. The desire to move there grew, but I had a townhouse in GA to sell. I first started trying to sell in 2008 just as our economy tanked, and it continued to get worse. I finally sold it November 2013. Still lost my shirt on it, but didn’t have to take money to the table to get rid of it. So I was finally able to move to Greenville, SC.

Everything is not perfect here. Some of those who were so friendly and even suggested we would get together…never happened.  I have yet to find a part time job, which I really need pretty soon (some source of supplemental income).

BUT, I am so HAPPY being in Greenville. I love it here and it is HOME to me. I have made some lovely new friends, found a great church, and becoming more involved in life here. Here is where I find my JOY.

Have you found your HOME place and your JOY?

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A Fav View of the Reedy River and Falls (photo by Ann Marquette)

A Favorite View of the Reedy River and Falls (photo by Ann Marquette)

I have always liked this month, partly because it is in the autumn season and also the month when we celebrate  Thanksgiving Day.  The end of the month is special to me because it’s my birthday 🙂

This is a VERY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY MONTH for me.  Not only is my birthday on Thanksgiving Day (or should I say Thanksgiving is on my birthday) this year :-), but the extra blessing is that my house in Georgia sold and I moved  to Greenville SC!  I am now in the place I have wanted to be for several years; the place where I truly feel at home.  Thank you God.

I am grateful to be alive, healthy, and richly blessed with wonderful people in my life…especially my brother.  I love you John.

My Favorite Spot by Ann Marquette

My Favorite Spot Along the Reedy River by Ann Marquette

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Cool October Morning Along the Reedy River by ann marquette

Then the Sunshine and Flowing Leaves by ann marquette

Over the Falls by ann marquette




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Falling softly into Autumn, then time to move on…

Softly Falling Into Autumn by Ann Marquette

Moving On Through Autumn by Ann Marquette

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The Sun Magazine November 2011 cover

I first found The Sun at some friends’ home in Greenville SC while visiting last November. They were busy working on something, and on their coffee table was the November 2011 issue of The Sun. I had never heard of this publication before, so I was curious.

There on page 4 was the first piece I read…an interview with author Michael Meade. The title of this article by John Malkin, the interviewer,  caught my attention “Your Own Damn Life – Michael Meade On The Story We’re Born With” 🙂

I devoured this article and the message within spoke to my heart and soul.  I knew already I just had to have this magazine.  I read a couple other articles while my friends finished what they were doing.

But not long after I returned to my own house in Georgia I found The Sun Magazine website, which itself is great, and I ordered a subscription.

This magazine is for writers and all who love to read good articles, stories, and poetry…AND love a magazine which is ad free!  It is supported by subscribers and donations from those who like what this publication is about and its mission to remain ad free.

Check out this piece by one of its authors, Krista Bremer who attended the writers’ retreat/workshop I recently attended.  http://www.thesunmagazine.org/get_involved/help_support_the_sun/letter

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Love this place 🙂

Lovely Reedy by Ann Marquette

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Peaceful Place along Reedy River by Ann Marquette

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Great time enjoying the autumn colors in Greenville and visit friends.

2011 Autumn in Falls Park by Ann Marquette


Silent Bench under Fall color 2011 by Ann Marquette

2011 Fall along River Walk by Ann Marquette

Reedy River Falls and Autumn Colors by Ann Marquette

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Favorite Resting Spot by the Reedy River (photo by Ann Marquette)

And slowly walking along the river this next one is another favorite spot.

Reedy River and Falls under Liberty Bridge 2010 by Ann Marquette

Just thinking about this makes me smile.  Easy answer for me, and easy to show you.


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I was in Greenville, SC .  It had been three months since my last visit…thanks to the exorbitant cost of gas. Not having a job means I have to be very frugal. I used to take a day trip, maybe every month or six weeks and the occasional weekend for special festivals. It will probably be another few months before I can get there again 😦

Reedy River and Falls - Greenville by Ann Marquette

Had a great time spending quality time with various friends and attending a special event on Wednesday where we watched the live feed of a TEDGlobal 2011 event http://conferences.ted.com/TEDGlobal2011/program/guide.php in Scotland. Enjoyable as usual.

When I arrived back late last night it was too dark to see if the doves were still in the nest. But in the light of day, nothing.  I am guessing the babies flew away while I was gone.

See baby between the leaves

See baby dove through the leaves by Ann Marquette

This is another one taken before leaving on my trip.

Daddy and one baby's butt by Ann Marquette

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 I was sad that I had to cancel my trip to Greenville this weekend for the art festival. Just the gas to drive there and back would cost me $60 which I just cannot spend that right now. I am even careful where I drive around here locally…not too far.

So this weekend I am spending quiet time in prayer and reflection here at the house…NO TELEVISION.


This morning I noticed a MESS AT THE END OF THE WALKWAY to my house..

Hmm! who made this mess (photo by Ann Marquette)


It Is You by Ann Marquette


Making Your Nest by Ann Marquette


The nest is in fairly low branches RIGHT ABOVE my sidewalk.  She is eats lots of the berries from the tree and poops all over my car and parking spots.

Had to take my car to the car wash and will not be parking under the tree for a while.

 What was really cool this morning when I saw her out there, I went out the door with the camera and she never flew away.  Just went about her business gathering stuff for her nest.  Even looked up at me a couple of times.

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The Cook's Station downtown Greenville, SC photo by Ann Marquette

A cool shop in downtown Greenville near West End.

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