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A strangely great weekend considering I “felt” like I was in a slump. And so I was for awhile.

As for many people this can be a bit of a sad time of year for me.
It begins with this being my birthday month, other surrounding events, and my perception of someone else’s attitude about my involvement with their families.
Notice I said “my perception.” I am not going into details, but for the past few years my sensitivity to this potential perception has made me a bit uncertain in their presence.

Since this year’s goal is to transform various parts of myself, I’ve been thinking a lot about this situation. I remember occasions in the past when I was thinking of something totally unrelated and someone else thought I had an issue with them. These are the reasons I believe when we think there is an issue with someone we should discuss it instead of letting it hurt our spirits. Thinking of this I had to smile because most of the time when we think something is wrong, or going to be bad, it’s not.

If another person seems to have an issue with us, maybe it is because we said or did something which they perceived in a negative way when it was not meant that way or for them at all.

How many of us miss out on great relationships because our perception about something did not match reality, and we didn’t ask.

I am so grateful for the time to climb out of a slump and rise up to joy.


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