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November 15 – An Amazing Day

I planned to finish spreading the rocks on the other half of my little back plot of ground. However, it rained all day and it will be raining all day tomorrow.

Then a special thing happened. I heard Joyce Meyer ask the question “Are you happy with yourself, or trying to be someone else?” As I thought about the answer for me personally I had an ‘Ah ha!’ moment. Then I was inspired to write about it.
When I finished writing I decided to take a break. I went to Barnes & Noble and treated myself to a double chocolate brownie from Starbucks to enjoy while walking around the book store and the music section. I was scoping out all the wonderful new Christmas CDs by some of my favorite artists, then checked out the many Christmas story books.

While enjoying this break I started wondering if there is anything special I could do for someone for Christmas. Then I thought maybe I should write a special Christmas story. Ideas began walking through my brain.

It came to me, that I should write a Christmas Story for Little One (the protagonist in my first book “Little One~End of Journey Alone). I started the second book awhile back and wrote a short story “Little One Learns about Thanksgiving and Christmas” to be part of that story.

I have been on fire today with various writing ideas. I am so grateful for the amazing joy of this day.


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