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A friend who was sick all week was feeling better and really wanted to get out. We were going to take a walk along a trail behind her apartment complex, but she didn’t feel she could manage the hills. So I suggested we go to our favorite Mall and walk around there where we could stop and sit for a bit if she got tired. She liked that idea. She can’t drive so I picked her up and off we went. We got plenty of slow walking in, stopping occasionally to look around in some of the new stores. The mall and some of the stores simply decorated for Christmas. In the center of the mall they already had the tree and Santa’s place in operation. Children already getting their pictures taken with Santa.

After a few hours we then went up to the Food Court and had a yummy burger from Johnny Rocket’s. Then we headed home, after a really good time out and still getting our exercise.

Today I had to get out back – my little patch of ground inside the fence behind my townhouse. I had already removed most of the plants, painted the fence, and raked the ground. So, today I put down the black fabric to protect from weeds growing. Then it was time to empty the bags of river stones and spread them over the fabric. I finished the rocks on one side. Still have the other side to finish…tomorrow.

I am so grateful for a fun and productive weekend.

Now I am getting teary eyed watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition.


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