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Life…Mistake or Blessing

A few years ago a friend asked me to write something for a young couple. They were considering
having their baby aborted. So I wrote this for them.

How often we wonder
What is the purpose of our life
Especially if our life
Was considered a mistake

Maybe we were not planned
By a loving married couple
Or an unmarried couple
Or the result of a rape

However our life began
Whatever our life has been
No matter what we believe

Truth is ~ God loves us unconditionally
Truth is ~ we do inspire others
Truth is ~ we are important
Truth is ~ we ARE a GIFT to others
One way or another


© December 9, 2006


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November 5 – Believe

Today was a good and productive day. It was cloudy, windy and cold, but now the sun is out as evening will soon turn into night.

I have read and heard many messages today, from various sources about the state of our lives in this economy. Ideas vary regarding how long we think the recession will continue, and when will companies truly start hiring and the housing market start to improve.

I like to remember what we think and say is what comes to us. I prefer to be positive, to be grateful for what I have, remember the amazing surprises God has blessed me with over the years when things didn’t seem so great. So I BELIEVE all is well and circumstances will get better.

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