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This was written in 2004.  Not meant to be sad, but a lovely memory.  The artwork is shared with permission of artist Michael Cox.  Thank you my friend.

With permission of the artist Michael Cox


It is cold and desolate in this silent place
All alone in the moonlight

The stars are too far away in time and space
I cry out but no one hears, no one sees me
I’m all alone in the moonlight

I see your face as I see the moon ~
Clear and bright, then veiled by thin wisps of cloud,
And not at all when hidden behind dense clouds,
and then…You appear again clear and bright
For a few brief moments it feels warm and special,
In this silent place
Yet I am still alone in the moonlight.

Somewhere across space and time
We have met very long ago
Long before we found each other
And in this space and time
For a few brief moments,
I was not alone in the moonlight.

A special connection created an everlasting bond
And yet, as quickly we found each other, we had to part.
I am again alone in the moonlight.

©March 2004


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