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Friends are the richest blessings we can have.

When we accept a new friend into our lives, we must take them as they are…warts and wonders.

Our friends must be given the freedom to come and go in and out of our lives, as they see fit for themselves.   

Yet, when we feel a great need to share a thought, feeling, or time with a friend we should let them know…especially to let them know we care for and love them.

Some friends are like leaves on a tree, and the time comes for them to fall away from our lives and move on to become friends with others. We each leave a part of ourselves with the other.

Other friends are like rocks, here to stay with us through thick and thin…all the days of our lives.

Friendships, long or short-term, should be cherished and tended as the most valuable gift we have in life.

September 2003


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Moon Watch

This was written in 1996, as many of my current postings here have been written a long time ago. Don’t take them as necessarily meaning something to me today.

Way out there in the Universe
in the dark blue sky
someone watches over us.

Wherever we are in the night
whether near or far apart
the eyes keep watch.

Whatever our mood, our emotions
be they sad, happy, lonely
the light from the watchful
brightens our nights.

I am here waiting, watching,
wondering where you are
hoping you are ready and looking for me.

Believing the light from above
will someday guide us
to the same path, to each others arms
keeps me at peace.

In the dark and lonely nights
I pray for you to find me
and wish on the stars above
for the Moon to Watch over us.

June 22, 1996

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This is a special gift God gave me to share with the world. There is much joy in sharing.

One day in 2006 on the way home from work….even in the rain and horrible traffic, I felt God’s presence.

A dream I shared with God, shortly after my first book “Little One~End of Journey Alone” was published, was that I wished it could get into the hands of people in Iraq and other countries where they live with war, and that the story would inspire them somehow for a better life.  Some of our soldiers who requested my book wrote back to say they were trying to get a local in the area where they are stationed to translate into the local language while reading the story!!! So the dream has at least come true in a small way, at least partially.

Some of the soldiers and/or their wives have told me how the story helped them in some aspect of their lives.  A six year old son of a soldier received my book from his dad, who was stationed in one of those countries.  His mother wrote to tell me she would read a little each night, and from the first night she started to read my story to him, he would go to sleep and actually have a peaceful night’s sleep, which he had not had since his dad left for war.

On the radio, as I was driving home that evening they were playing the song “Let There be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me…” and I started thinking about my book being read in the various countries and I began to cry tears of joy.  I feel so blessed, that God has given me such a great gift.

Written December 2006

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Fire in My Soul

Set your soul on fire…

This is how reaching up, reading, striving to be better, and how other writers can stir the fire in our souls to do better, AND how we can find at least one person who creates in us the desire to BE better, as a human being, a friend, companion, etc.

For years, a huge part of my life has been to strive to be a better person, to shed the less than good parts of myself. It is a long and difficult journey to say the least. As I have grown in maturity, I have been blessed to meet many wonderful people in my life who have at least one special quality I’ve wanted to emulate.

Some of life’s experiences have forced me to be better, to do better. Those are the really tough lessons, but make us stronger and better. I have been reading much the last 10 years or so, searching, getting inspired, learning something from each book read.

One book I purchased a few years ago was SHINE by Larry Thompson whose Project Rise & Shine is for people who want to truly SHINE by living the life using the gifts/talents God has given them. His book is partly a workbook, asking questions that make us look deep into our selves, finding all the awesome things about ourselves many of us don’t remember or not aware of…like what is special about us, what is unique, what are the wonderful things we have accomplished in our lives. Powerful stuff to become aware of, be grateful for, and love about ourselves.

Then I read the book Fierce Conversations (Achieving Success at work and in life, one conversation at a time) by Susan Scott!!!!!!!!!! Wow! EXPLOSIVE…fierce and intense! From the beginning I was so inspired… My spirit, my soul cried out…’I want for all who encounter me for any reason, but especially those special close friends, family, business associates – I want to be a breath of fresh air, inspiration for hope, feeling peace, and to know they are loved.’

I want to be the very best I can be in every way, so that even in a small way I may encourage or inspire others who come into my life.

Written in 2005

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The Visitors

Picture of several candles melting in the dark...

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Getting ready for Halloween.  Read this to the children, or just enjoy it yourself.


They come in the night, but only once a year…for Halloween.
In Old Ireland…it all began, a long, long time ago, about a century perhaps.It was almost deserted, the countryside. There was a graveyard very near a small thatched cottage. It was nighttime the end of October, and Autumn seemed more like Winter. The rain and wind began their song and dance as the pitch black of the night descended. The only light in the surrounding countryside came from the little fire and two candles burning in the tiny cottage.Father settled in his chair in front of the warm crackling fire, with his corncob pipe. Mother was there too, mending old clothes. The children were playing and whispering together. The boy, six years old, had fair hair and deep penetrating blue eyes that never said what was lurking in the mind behind them. He was very intelligent, but didn’t talk much except with his sister. She was five, with brownish hair and dark brown eyes that seemed to look into your very soul. She too was very smart, but more outgoing than her brother was. Their Father was the keeper of the graveyard, and also the one who dug the graves. The relatives of those buried there lived rather far away and were not able to visit the cemetery very often, or at all. So, it was up to this quiet gentle man to look after the place. The children would go there often to play. Sometimes they seemed to be talking to other people, but no one else could be seen. Mother was a quiet, soft-spoken woman. She took care of the family and home. What else was there to do in this lovely, but deserted part of the country. Just as on other nights, they gathered around the fire after dinner. They would take turns telling stories or just talking about their day. This particular night Father was telling one of his favorite stories…from the old days! Suddenly, there came a sound, then another, and another. It sounded like voices, but very distant, very hushed…and very, very eerie. They all heard it, but would not let each other know they heard it. Father stopped his storytelling only a moment…almost like a brief pause. Until…each time it became a little louder and closer. They looked at each other, especially mother and father. They began to shiver with the cold increasing beyond normal. With a shrug, Father said “its just the rain and wind talking to each other.” But, then it came even closer, louder…more distinct, like voices, talking, then screeching, kind of a crying howling sound. The silence in the little cottage was sudden and tense. The sound, noises, voices…whatever they were, were so frightening and kept getting louder and closer. Father thought to himself “maybe I should board up the windows and block the door.” Mother, to herself, “I should blow out the candles and maybe the darkness will make them go away.” Then they heard voices, saying “Don’t lock us out, and blowing out the candles won’t do any good. What about the fire? We could still find you anyway.” They all heard it and began to shake with fear as a knock, and another knock, and another was heard at the front door. They sat there frozen, looking at each other, when a voice said, “please, let us in!” No answer came so the voice said it again “let us in.” Well, the Father, thinking this whole thing very silly, finally rose slowly and went to the door. From where the mother and children sat in front of the fireplace they could see just what father saw when he, slowly and cautiously, opened the door. The visions were that of human shapes, but very very strange and spooky indeed. The visions all spoke very slowly and distant like “give us something to eat.” “Who are you and where do you come from?” asked Father. In unison again, they said, “we have come a long journey, but not far away.” This didn’t seem to make much sense, but everyone was in such shock. Mother asked, “what do you want?”“ We want something to eat. If we don’t get something nice to eat, we will do things you won’t like. If you give us good things to eat, we will go away and not bother you.” Mother decided to put out all the lovely things she spent the day baking and hoped it would satisfy them so they would go away. After what seemed a very long time, but in fact was only a few minutes, they had finished every last morsel. The strange beings began to leave. But, as they were going out the door they said “That was very nice, so we will be here again same time next year and every year forever after.” They left so suddenly, and the silence was so deafening it was like they’d never been there. Mother would have thought she’d been dreaming except all the goodies she had baked all day were gone…not a crumb left. Father also thought he imagined it all. The children however, knew all along what was happening as it had been planned all day. The Visitors were their friends, the ones they talked to in the cemetery. The brother and sister had told their friends of mother baking all the goodies that day, and decided to play a trick on her and Father. That night was October 31, midnight. And, every year after that they came. Mother and Father never knew the truth…although, I’m sure they do now. But, the children had continued the traditional even after Mother and Father died, and taught their children to do the same. Their children passed it on down the line through the generations. After the first year the Visitors told others and the group of visitors grew each year, so more and more homes were needed to treat them. Now when you hear strange sounds on Halloween night, and you think it’s the usual neighborhood ghosts and goblins, you may be right…so don’t forget those goodies, or else…

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You Are Light

You came into my life
A beautiful light
Shining for me to see
Lighting my path

The flame of new joy,
More smiles, laughter, and love
The joy of new friendship,
New opportunities to grow

And with your light
My Jesus and Holy Spirit
You bring others
To share my life
Gifting me
With the blessings
Of their spirits
Please guide me
To be a blessing to them

Thank you, Light of my Life.

Copyright January 3, 2010

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I have discovered an art form, which I never thought of as being a work of art. Through the years I have learned to appreciate a variety of art forms. There is art to satisfy the senses, and affect the emotions. The visual arts such as paintings, sculptures, and photographs can stimulate our emotions by their beauty, or subject matter. Music can touch our hearts, make us happy or sad, and move us to dance.

Stage plays, movies, documentaries, etc. can affect all our emotions in various degrees and combines two or more of our senses. Excellent cooks are artists, and not just in deliciously satisfying our taste buds. They may also create a vision of beauty in the way they arrange the food on the plate, and the setting in which it is served.

Some people are artists in more than one medium. Most artists excel in only one. However, there is one form of art in which every single person on earth could be really good at…that is the Art of Friendship. Yes, it is true …a really good relationship, of any kind, is a work of art. Just like a painting, a sculpture, a musical concerto, a poem, a beautiful story…it takes time, a lot of care, imagination, devotion, and love to make it a work of art.

I now realize the most beautiful and powerful art form in a human relationship is that of two people who are true soul mates, who complement each other (who balance each other), are best friends and lovers. They are two people who are mutually respectful, faithful, caring and loving. Two people who truly like and value each other. Together they are even better as one. The beauty and magic of this rare kind of relationship is so powerful as to affect others around them…creating peace, harmony and more love. This is a Unique and Ultimate Art, which we all should work toward and know we are very blessed when we attain it.

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Empty Spirit

Have you ever felt like this? Leave me a comment and tell me about it.
What did you do to overcome it, to get past it?____________________________________________

There is a large hole
The spirit is empty

There is no feeling
The spirit is dried up

There is no color
The spirit is transparent

Alone, isolated, invisible
The Empty Spirit

© May 3, 2009

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Inspiration Angel

Dedicated to my friend Terri who passed away in 2006…

I didn’t know you well
I didn’t know you long
But, you became a friend
And, you inspired me

Your kindness and caring
Even through your pain
Your strength, courage, and faith
Amazed and inspired me

Your sweet nagging
To keep writing
To finish the next book
Made my heart smile
You inspired me

I miss you Sweet Lady
Yet you are always
A part of me
In my heart
A beautiful memory
My Inspiration Angel

© December 11, 2006

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Meet Me At…

No not the Empire State Building
That was ok
For Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr
Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan
But not for me
The place to meet my love

Find me on the swing
Under the big tree
Next to the flowing Reedy River
Just below the Main Street Bridge
In the evening near sunset
Come sit with me
Take my hand in yours
Seal our love with a kiss

See you there…

Copyright June 22, 2008

My photo of swing under tree next to the Reedy River downtown Greenville, SC

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My Patchwork Life

Dedicated to all who have been, are, and will be a part of my patchwork life.
What an amazing life
Like a beautiful patchwork quilt
Various shades of colors
A variety of designs~

Family, friends, acquaintances
Some famous personalities
Some only whispers
Some a passing breeze
Some who stay forever,
In this life and beyond~

Traumatic painful times
Soft and quiet hours
And oh yes…
Miraculous, magical moments
Peaceful, wonderfully loving moments~

The most beautiful patches
Not just the special people
Happy times
Magic moments…
But, every single one
Sewn together
To match, blend, highlight, contrast
Every Blessed piece
Make up this…
Wonderful patchwork life of mine~

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The beginning of this year I decided to work on transforming myself by changing bad habits into really good habits. The purpose is so I will be able to improve my writing life and make it a major activity.

A couple aspects of the transformation are training me to exercise on a regular basis daily, and eat better. I am learning to be more creative when I prepare meals and snacks.
Last night my neighbor Dolly called to say she and her husband, Jack had gone to Sam’s Club or Costco and got a lot of some fruit and veggies, more than they can eat. So she brought me some. One thing she brought was a partial bag of sweet mini peppers (yellow, orange, red). I have never had them before. They are really good. And tonight I cut them into slices, along with onions, and sautéed them to use as topping on a piece of sirloin tip steak. It is so fun trying something new, and it was yummy.

Eating better and exercising has already given me more energy and focus.

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