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I love November
My favorite month
In my favorite season

This month of the best holiday ~ Thanksgiving
Time of gratitude for the coming celebration
Of the birth of Jesus, the most blessed holiday ~ Christmas

The month of special events in my life
Including my own birth
Even though I almost wasn’t

I love this first day of November
The cool sunny day
The autumn leaves adrift on the breeze
And the crunch of them under foot

Oh, thank you God
For the gift of November
And all the blessings to come.

© November 1, 2009


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November 6 – Good Day

A very productive day. With the help of a handyman the back fence got painted. It was very cold and windy, warming only to about 50 for a short time in the afternoon…but we got it done.

I took a little time out to go to some good friends’ house to share in the youngest’s 5th Birthday celebration.
I am grateful for this good and productive day…and, tonight we set the clocks back an hour. Yippee!

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