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I had a lovely surprise this morning outside my front door.

 I live in a small townhouse community partially surrounded by some good size sections of trees.  There are other areas around where the trees have not been chopped down yet.  It is common to see deer, even running across the main streets.  My community is back off one of the main streets, down a little hill and not visible unless you happen to come down that little side street and come over the hill to the entrance of this place.

 I have occasionally seen a deer around the entrance area of this community.   Have never seen one back here where my house is, at the very back of our neighborhood.  Until today…

 This morning as I looked out the window part of my front door, the sight which greeted me caused my mouth to drop open in awe and wonder.  There across from my house, walking alongside the tree line were FIVE deer, one behind the other.  They were walking pretty fast and before I could get my camera they went down in the ditch along the base of the trees and walked out of sight.  

 What a   beautiful surprise for a Sunday Morning.



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