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Our country has a silent epidemic…it is called suicide.

Not only people who are being bullied, but many in depression even if it is situational and not chemical depression. People who continually feel invisible, alone, unloved. Many people cannot understand why someone could commit suicide. How many times have you been talking with someone, answering a question they asked you about your life…in the middle of your answer someone breaks into the conversation about something totally different; and you never get to finish your part of the original conversation? Or maybe after asking the question you turned your attention to someone else instead of listening to the answer? Do we truly care about the other person? Are we really interested in hearing what someone else has to say?

Recently a friend, Trey committed suicide. He was going through some serious tough times in his life. He was a kind and caring man. One of his strongest beliefs was that everyone needs and deserves to be heard. Yet he was in so much emotional pain that something pushed him over the line and he took his own life.

I have heard of at least 3 other suicides within the past month, and a great many more stories of past suicides.

Trey’s brother, Erick has decided to spend the rest of his life fighting to stop suicide.  I urge you to read Erick’s blog and let us encourage continued dialogue about this epidemic and what we can do to help stop people from killing themselves, to let them know they ARE important, that they matter to us. http://warrioragainstsuicide.blogspot.com/2011/09/new-beginning.html

Here is a piece I wrote a few years ago. It is sad, but think about someone who may feel like this on a regular basis, they feel no one really cares about giving some quality time to really listen to them.

Let us create a society where it is not taboo to talk about this and find ways to STOP SUICIDE.


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