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Sometimes I still pinch myself to be sure I am really here, in Greenville.  I knew back in 2007 that this is where I belong.  There is a reason; a purpose God has brought me here.  I am praying and trusting Him to show me how to do what it is I am to do on this part of my journey.

As today is kind of an anniversary of my actual move day, I celebrated.  Even celebrating the fact that yesterday I got the message the part job I had, sort of interviewed for has been filled.   And that is ok, because I’ve  always found that something better was around the corner.

I had a quick meeting with someone around 12 noon then decided I would take a mini adventure along Augusta Road (one of the most sought after areas to live).  There are a few small, very nice little strip malls along a section of Augusta Road and I found at one of them a French café “Le Grand Bakery.”  So I decided to check it out.  Just walking in there and looking at the beautiful and delicious looking goodies behind the glass case was committing a dieter’s sin.  I would have loved one of their pastries, but I decided instead on the small Quiche Vegetarian and coffee.  I chose a small table next to the window, and while enjoying my first time in this new-found café I could hear the group of ladies at a back table all speaking in French.  Ah, was I really in Greenville, SC or in France!  It sure added to the ambiance.

LeGrand Bakery Pastries by Ann Marquette

LeGrand Bakery Pastries by Ann Marquette

Next stop, about a block down the road was Foxfire Gallery & Kitchen Shops.  An interesting shop with many lovely things, but I was actually hoping to find a set of range covers for my electric stove.  No luck with that; however, I got in conversation with a young man working there.  It turns out his mother is an urban planner/designer and originally from Michigan.  He told me I should meet his mother as we have some things in common, so he gave me her name and where she works.  I got in touch with her this evening via Facebook and we agreed to meet for coffee some time soon.

Tonight’s adventure was attending a new writer’s group “Greenville Creative Writers” with Judy, my friend from here at Tapestry.  The Meetup was at Coffee Underground downtown.  It was fun, interesting, and we met more great people (my favorite thing to do…meeting more people).

So, it has been an awesome day celebrating my two month anniversary LIVING IN GREENVILLE.

I am so grateful for my blessings.

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Ok, I must stop doing everything else including trying to keep up with my blogger friends’ posts and write my own post.

“Into the Fire: The Sun Celebrates Personal Writing

To write about ourselves in a way that touches others and reminds them of our fundamental connectedness we must be willing to take a leap — with all our passion, fear, and longing — into the fire.”

What a great experience…meeting wonderful people, enjoying great food, and learning more about writing and the writing life.

The Front Porch by Ann Marquette

June 1st ~ about 4:45 pm I finally arrived at the Rowe Camp & Conference Center and parked in the gravel parking area by the Farmhouse where I had a bed in a dorm room upstairs.  The dorms had bunk beds, and thankfully I got there in time to get one of the lower bunks.  I love the entrance to the Farmhouse with a rocking chair front porch with rockers and a couple of benches.  Once in the front door there is a little foyer with two rocking chairs in front of a mural painted wall.

I went to the desk to register and as I looked to the right into the large room, like a big living room with a piano and a great fireplace.  Some of the attendees were already gathered with coffee in hand and chatting.  Once I dumped my bags on my bed I went down to join the others.

Of course I had to get a cup of coffee first.  As many of us milled around in the living room; a few out on the back deck and one or two walking around the property, there was a lot of networking and interesting conversation going on.  Then the hors d’oevres came out.  Most of us took a little plate and made our choices, which we enjoyed while we continued to chat.

Between 7 and 7:30 PM we were called into the dining room where we stood in a circle around the edges of the room.  The facilitator introduced herself and explained the process for the weekend, house rules, and where we would meet up after dinner.  We took our seats, wherever we wanted.  Then the chef and a couple of his helpers came out with the bowls and plates of food on trolleys.  The chef introduced himself and explained what was for dinner and finished with a cheerful “enjoy.”  This was done before each meal over the weekend.  Although they don’t serve any meat, poultry, or fish it didn’t matter.  The food was amazing.  It was all healthy and delicious.  Each meal included either homemade bread or muffins; and homemade desserts.

After enjoying the delicious food and conversations with those at our tables it was off to the Rug Room in another building, a short walk up the road.  This was the official opening session with a welcome message and orientation, contributors’ notes, and author reading.

Lovely Entrance Exit by Ann Marquette

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The Sun Magazine November 2011 cover

I first found The Sun at some friends’ home in Greenville SC while visiting last November. They were busy working on something, and on their coffee table was the November 2011 issue of The Sun. I had never heard of this publication before, so I was curious.

There on page 4 was the first piece I read…an interview with author Michael Meade. The title of this article by John Malkin, the interviewer,  caught my attention “Your Own Damn Life – Michael Meade On The Story We’re Born With” 🙂

I devoured this article and the message within spoke to my heart and soul.  I knew already I just had to have this magazine.  I read a couple other articles while my friends finished what they were doing.

But not long after I returned to my own house in Georgia I found The Sun Magazine website, which itself is great, and I ordered a subscription.

This magazine is for writers and all who love to read good articles, stories, and poetry…AND love a magazine which is ad free!  It is supported by subscribers and donations from those who like what this publication is about and its mission to remain ad free.

Check out this piece by one of its authors, Krista Bremer who attended the writers’ retreat/workshop I recently attended.  http://www.thesunmagazine.org/get_involved/help_support_the_sun/letter

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