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It has been a strange few days.  Up and down, upside down, right side up, around and around, sad moments, happy moments.

Empty paths I walk through my mind, looking for something!  The quiet paths are actually peaceful, replacing the whirlwind of thoughts which have been crisscrossing the miles I go…in my mind.

Loving the cooler days, the sunshine, the peace and quiet while I give thanks for my blessings.

I wish you all much peace and joy; and endless love.

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Dreamer ~ Writer ~ Creator

If I didn’t need money I would enjoy time with friends, meeting new friends, walking my dogs (which I don’t have yet), spending time downtown and along the river and in the park. I would do some traveling, volunteering, learning, and catch up on some reading. And, all the while my mind and spirit would be free and open to inspiration flowing through me.
I would write more poems, more stories in the Little One series, blogs, and my memoirs. I love to write and share my writings in hopes they are enjoyed by others. I also enjoy hearing when my readers tell me they are inspired and/or encouraged by something I’ve written.
I have a dream to have my first story of Little One created into a living story. It would be great fun to find artists in different mediums to create their work of art to help tell the story of Little One and her journeys; and search for a musician to create music to accompany the telling of the story.

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The writer, the written and the writing tool

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I was speaking with an artist in Greenville the other day and he was asking about my writing. I mentioned my struggle with getting quality time to let my imagination and pen to flow freely. He agreed it is a dilemma for so many artists and writers.

Ah! if only I could win the lottery and hire a Tony (as in Who’s The Boss) to do the housework, run errands, do the cooking 🙂 Then I would have loads of time to dream, imagine, create, write; and work on other things.
Well at least I can DREAM 🙂

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