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Some months ago I asked…

“Dear God, I just want enough finances to support myself, help others. Dine out with friends and some traveling.”  Please show me what is your best for me and how I can accomplish it.”

Well, He has been answering my prayer over the last few months, and I am grateful.

“Thank you God for guiding me to the book “You will never have this day again” where I read an inspirational quote from Oprah “Do What You Have to do Until You Can do what you Really Want to do.”

It was like God hitting me over the head with a 2×4. It was then I realized I needed to accept doing as much work as possible in order to pay off my debt and build my savings.

I am grateful the paid work I’m doing for the City of Greenville is enjoyable and does not create stress.  I also enjoy the people.

I have been working at transitioning from my habit of procrastination to doing now, not later. I’m getting better and better as the days go on.

And now God has gifted me with my wish for working half days most of the year, or at least half the year, and full time when special projects require it.  This allows me the extra income I need to support myself, help others, and treat myself sometimes, specially the dine outs with my gal friends.

Half days off gives me the time to comfortably run errands (not Saturdays!), and take care of items on my personal to do list.  I try to make Sundays my day of rest and relaxation.

What I really enjoy doing is reading, awake dreaming, writing about what inspires me, coffee with friends, and sometimes go for a drive.  I have been away from my writing for a long time. I pray I stick with it now.



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Tulips in Keukenhof,

Tulips in Keukenhof, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hearing good news, special blessings in other people’s lives brings me joy. Friend B recently received news from her cardiologist that her heart is beating much better, since the defibrillator was installed.  He told her if it is doing as good or better in six months she will be able to stop taking one of her meds.

My friend G received good news that her bank has agreed to reduce her mortgage payment so she is able to keep her house.

Long time friend L had some good news from her doctor.

Past co-worker and friend D quit her job in March.  Already she has been a contract job with a company she worked with a couple of years ago.

Missing my dear friend T, she has loved the work she has been doing for the last couple of years, but it was only half days pay.  She recently was offered a similar job full-time and more money.  So, her current employer counter offered with full-time, significantly more money, 2 weeks paid vacation a year and a big bonus.

Me and my brother closed on the sale of mother’s house in February.

These are just a few examples of God’s blessings since the beginning of this year…most of them just this month.

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This was written by me and edited by my friend Doreen Cox. Thank you Doreen.

“When is this madness going to stop?”

The obsession with GREED and wanting everything NOW has created the volatile situation in which we live in America. News reports of unethical politicians and corporate executives abound where vulnerable people were targeted for personal gain.

And the beat goes on…

“A rapid rise in unemployment has been a major cause in the growth of foreclosures hitting the housing market. More people losing their jobs mean less money to pay loans for houses, which results in defaults and foreclosures on their property.” THOMAS GAVAGHAN, EZINE Nevertheless, companies continue the layoffs. Some are let go just before they are eligible for retirement and a pension. Those left behind absorb the increased workload created by these layoffs. This makes work more difficult and intensely stressful which oftentimes results in burnout. How unfortunate!

There are countless testimonials on how difficult it is to get a mortgage as banks and mortgage companies continue to change their stand in order to protect their interests and reduce their losses. In my own neighborhood, buyers have sought out foreclosed homes; however the banks took so long to respond that they walked away to seek other opportunities. This foreclosure climate has also created a nightmare for sellers in asking a fair price for their homes!

Then there are the woes on the rising price of gas which results in increased price for goods. The recent automatic 3% Georgia State tax on gas could have been stopped by the governor, but he refused. So, although there will be more tax money in the coffers from INCREASED GAS PRICES there will be less tax money from the purchase of other goods.

Now we need more prayer for our leaders, our nation, and the many who have been victimized by these troubled times.

It is encouraging to note that friends, who are struggling themselves, are reaching out to others in their time of need. God bless all of you.

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