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Something inspired me to write this a few months ago. Finally decided to post it before my recent writings.

Locking the Door? 

Should I lock the door
the door to me
my spirit, my soul and heart
only leaving a little light
burning inside?

Have you ever felt this way?

Being sensitive souls, we sometimes feel we are un-liked, unloved, that no one really cares.
We feel as though we could be gone from this world and no one would notice. Maybe on occasion someone would wonder what happened to us, but not enough to check. And if they do and think we are ok, they may not wonder again for months.

In this world we live in, we tend to have so many things on our minds that we forget to check in on family, friends, and even friendly acquaintances on occasion. Our lives get distracted by a variety of things, and we tend to do a lot of “just busy stuff” that really doesn’t mean much, if anything.

How many times do you see two or more people together, either walking or even sitting together, but each of them is on their phones texting, emailing, or even talking to someone else. They don’t even care enough to actually communicate, to share quality time with each other face to face. I have been to blame on a rare occasion, for just for a second or two if I have been expecting an important call or text. But, I practice putting my cell on vibrate and keeping it in my purse…unless I am with a “friend” who checks her notifications and will even respond with a text or answer the call!

We get so self-absorbed in our own lives that we forget to check in on those we care about. And even when we are together we are not even fully present to the other person. So sad, because we are actually missing out on the gift right in front of us…the person we claim to care about.

Whenever I have felt neglected by others, especially if I have made the effort to connect, it would make me sad and unloved, or just unlikable. It is rare these days that I allow myself to feel that way, even for a short time. Some years ago a major trauma in my life brought this home to my heart in a big way. I finally had the AHA moment when I wondered how many times I may have made someone else feel sad, lonely, unloved!  Now I really try to connect with others, at least every now and then to let them know I am thinking of them, that I care.


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