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It is amazing how “great minds think alike” 🙂  He he he!   Today’s post by my friend Aaron von Frank was like he had walked through my brain 🙂  For a long time now I’ve been thinking everything he mentions in this post.  It is all so true.  Maybe this is why I have not been spending so much time on social media and taking longer to post to my blog.

There are other important things in life to focus on more often.

Do check it out and feel free to leave him a comment.



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The New Year is a time to start with a clean slate, a new journal to write in, an empty vase to fill, making new memories, and finding new joys in our lives.

I am grateful for the blessings of 2011.  In January 2011 I was told my heart is in perfect condition, “the heart of a teenager” according to the cardiologist.  I continued to work on making improvements in my life and experienced aha moments of those I accomplished.

Over the past year I have told most everyone I know that I blog, I share many, if not most, of my posts on Twitter and Facebook.  On a rare occasion I send a special post out through email to family and friends so they get it directly and don’t miss seeing it on Twitter or Facebook.   Some read it, some don’t; most of the comments and are from other bloggers.

There have been times I’ve considered not sharing my writings at all because I think no one really cares, or they don’t like what I write, or don’t like it enough to hit the Like button or leave a comment.

But then, out of the blue someone will write back and say how much something I wrote meant to them, and sometimes that it inspired or encouraged them.  So, each time I write and post something online I am stepping out of my comfort zone, allowing myself to be vulnerable, and hoping that maybe one person will enjoy what I wrote, or be inspired or encouraged by it.

So this year I am going to continue my blog post and hope to improve as I go along.  I am thinking of a special theme/subject to focus on this year.  Will decide soon J

In the meantime, I got no sleep last night as I was away from home helping others as a volunteer.  So I am very tired and cannot focus any more tonight

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I wrote this piece some years ago, inspired by the art of Michael Cox, and someone ~Johnny~ who I loved many years ago.

Solitude by Michael Cox


I found this poem recently as I was going through my writings.

Learning of the death of dear Trey Pennington


 this morning, knowing part of his struggles over the last few months, I gift this piece in memory of him. I wish he could have found his way through as the story tells in this poem.

 My Solitude 

Ever so quiet and peaceful
The moment at rest
In the comfort of my own space

But, alas the roars of past fears
The emotions they still evoke
The struggle to understand them
The desire to let them go

And then a special memory
Remembering love once
Then the heartbreaking sadness
When that love had to leave this world

The mind wanders
Visions like living dreams
Dreams, hopes, and desires
Yet to be fulfilled

Then from somewhere
There is the sound of music
A beautiful waterfall
A light shining through the darkness

The internal struggles are gone
A feeling of love fills me up
And flows through me
Like a waterfall

My heart feels the joy
The new landscape taking hold
The beginning of new growth
Breaking through the rocks
That once was my heart

Tears of joy fall softly
My Solitude time is over
I begin to take the steps
They lead to a beautiful beyond


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I know several people who have been tweeting for a long time.  Initially I thought it was something only done through cell phones and blackberries!  Ok I know I am behind the times and tend to move up in technology slowly.  Sometimes it’s because I can’t afford to move up.
Eventually I found out that tweeting can be done online 🙂 Well, thanks to one of my readers who left me a Tweet note I finally signed up myself. Thanks Laurie 🙂

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