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I love that November is a month in the season of Autumn, and has two annual special days…Thanksgiving, and my birthday.

 I love the cooler days with sunshine and falling leaves.  Like nature I enjoy using some of my time in rest and thinking of it as time for  renewal.

Many times in my life I have experienced November being the beginning of new things for me, new experiences, and wonderful surprises.

I woke this morning eager for the beginning of this day, the first day of this month, my month…November.

I wish you all a fabulous November, even if it is not your month or favorite season.

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I am grateful for the spirit of the holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

There is an emphasis on being grateful at Thanksgiving time. Now to remember each day of the year to be grateful.

And Christmas…it is supposed to be a celebration of the birth of Jesus, celebrating his birthday. However, how many remember that in the midst of decorating, buying gifts, and looking forward to opening our own gifts! And if hosting the Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day meal, the buying of groceries and maybe some special table decorations; then cleaning the house and preparing the meal. Through all of this, many still feel the “spirit” and joy of this holiday. I hope your spirit of Christmas includes joy for the birth of Jesus.

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A Feast for My Heart

When I wrote this in 1993 I must have really been in a dream world 🙂

I have tasted an appetizer of You.
It was a sampler platter of your loving kindness,
your gentleness, your caring, your touch, smile, kiss, and your hugs.
Many times my heart savors the memory of that pre-dinner feast.
However, it has been too long between courses, and,
My heart and I are starving for the rest of the meal.
There are moments I get a visionary flash of the main course
and a hint of dessert …and, oh, what a feast it is.
The wine…the union of us…has been aged with loving care.
It is a rare vintage, ready to be uncorked and enjoyed…
oh so slowly, as we sail into the sunset of our lives.
I have been waiting patiently for a long time,
but the heart is beginning to fade away from
lack of nourishment.
Please, hurry before it dies.
My heart and I are here, ready and waiting for the Feast of You.
Let us begin…
Place: Each Other’s Arms
Time: The Rest of Our Lives

Copyright November 1993

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I love November
My favorite month
In my favorite season

This month of the best holiday ~ Thanksgiving
Time of gratitude for the coming celebration
Of the birth of Jesus, the most blessed holiday ~ Christmas

The month of special events in my life
Including my own birth
Even though I almost wasn’t

I love this first day of November
The cool sunny day
The autumn leaves adrift on the breeze
And the crunch of them under foot

Oh, thank you God
For the gift of November
And all the blessings to come.

© November 1, 2009

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November – Day 1

November is a special month for me personally. It is also the month of Thanksgiving. So today I am grateful to be alive, healthy, for the writing I did this morning, for this day and all the blessings yet to come.

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