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In some of my readings and musings today, my thoughts turned to experiences in my life and lessons learned.
I started jotting down my thoughts, and as I did, I realized that with each one the word BELIEVE came to mind.

 Letting go of control…BELIEVE
 Remembering some of the most amazing surprises in my life, which were beyond my wildest imaginings and still amaze me today…BELIEVE FOR MORE
 Allowing others to help me, and sometimes remembering to let them know how they can help me. Then Let Go and Let God guide the process…BELIEVE those who are meant to help will and in the right way.
 BELIEVE in the dreams of m heart, the ones that never let go.
 BELIEVE in myself that I can accomplish what needs to be done to follow the path to my dreams becoming reality.

Whenever I feel concerned about what is happening in our country and how it is affecting me, I remember my blessings and all I have to be grateful for. I also remember the other tough times in my life which I have come through, and the many wonderful surprises I have experienced. I know I am a child of God and that He loves me unconditionally, and all is well. What brings me extra joy is hearing good things happening for others, whether getting a job, their health getting better, among other things. I have been hearing good things since the beginning of the year. So no matter what there is hope for better times ahead.

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November 5 – Believe

Today was a good and productive day. It was cloudy, windy and cold, but now the sun is out as evening will soon turn into night.

I have read and heard many messages today, from various sources about the state of our lives in this economy. Ideas vary regarding how long we think the recession will continue, and when will companies truly start hiring and the housing market start to improve.

I like to remember what we think and say is what comes to us. I prefer to be positive, to be grateful for what I have, remember the amazing surprises God has blessed me with over the years when things didn’t seem so great. So I BELIEVE all is well and circumstances will get better.

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