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Daisies And Drops

Yes, it is the first day of April 2012 🙂

What a joyous way to begin April, a beautiful month of the year, this year beginning with Holy Week ~ Palm Sunday.  A week of sadness for Jesus’ death on the cross to pay for our sins, then His rising from death on Easter Sunday…joy, joy, joy.

Per my previous post, for me April is the month, the time of year when I love to begin anew…something.  What will it be this year?

One year ago tomorrow, April 2nd, I put my house FOR SALE BY OWNER sign out front.  There have been some lookers, a few who really liked it, but no offers yet.  Why should they, when they can spend the extra time, effort, frustration of buying a foreclosure or short sale for almost nothing!  My soul knows when the time is right it will sell.  Earthly reality is that our economy is still bad and the housing market still crappy.  So, I wonder if I should take the sign down and wait for, who knows how long, for the housing prices to return to more appropriate values so traditional sales will actually sell for more than what is owed to the mortgage company!  Or should I just leave the sign up, and pray for a miracle!!  After all, it is just the beginning of April.  What surprise blessings are in store this month?

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Path over cherry trees. (Jerte's Valley)

Cherry trees

Ah, the blessings of spring
They bring renewed hope
A joyful new outlook on life
The heart’s dream of everlasting love
The trees are dressed in beautiful blossoms
Flowers emerging from a renewed earth
Birds singing in the trees
Bringing smiles to a winter weary heart A windy sunny afternoon
Sounds of rustling trees and wind chimes
Clears the cobwebs of the mind
Bringing joy to the soul
Yes, the blessings of spring
Fill my heart with hope
My soul with excitement of surprises to come
My spirit with everlasting love

Copyright May 15, 2004

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