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Like all of our writing needs to be checked and re-checked for spelling errors, people’s names are especially important to get correct.

Note that I am just being curious, not upset.  Well, maybe a little upset.   I remember when I was young, especially when I started working, right out of high school; I was taught it was important to spell people’s names correctly.  It is such a personal thing and everyone deserves to have their name spelled they way they spell it.

I have made mistakes in spelling, and even on occasion someone’s name, but I try to remember to look and see how they spell it, or ask.  Many names used to be spelled one way, or at least most of the time.  So we presume that everyone with that name spells it the same way.  Over the years more people have decided to spell their names differently… Lisa/Liza, Amy/Amie, Linda/Lynda etc.

My name is spelled Ann.  I am told that many in the south would spell it with the “e” on the end, but not all.  For some reason this year more than ever people are spelling my first name with an “e” on the end of it.  And it doesn’t matter what part of the country they live in, or even if they are from another country.  This happens even though the way I spell it is in all of my communications; blog posts, Facebook, even emails.  We also need to make sure we know how to spell the person’s last name.  If you don’t know, and cannot “see” how they spell it, then ask.

Has your name frequently been misspelled?  How do you feel about it?

P.S.  If you see something misspelled in any of my posts, please tell me so I can correct it 🙂  Thanks,


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