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Taj Mahal, Agra, India.

Taj Mahal, Agra, India (photo from Wikipedia)

This morning I hear the crunch of ice and frozen snow as a few neighbors head out to work or run an errand on our still dangerous roadways. Although the temperatures are staying in the freeze zone, the sun is finally out. They expect the winds and sunshine should help to melt our frozen streets sometime this afternoon.

Thankfully I don’t have to go out yet. To cure my cabin fever I am going to travel around the world through the beautiful travelogue of my friend in India, filled with her beautiful photographs and her gift of words. So look out world here I come.

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Snow Today

The snowfall began last night, heavily, leaving about 2 inches in the first hour. It was beautiful and gave me a feeling of Peace.

This morning I woke to 5 – 6 inches of snow. It was lovely. The city is under a state of emergency and the citizens requested to stay home because of the bad roads. Then a misty rain/sleet fell creating a crusty top to the snow.

A relaxing day, although I did clean the crusty snow off my car and shoveled the path to the house as did some of my other neighbors. Of course, that changed the look of the clean white snow to junky snow piles. Reminds me of my early life in Michigan. This afternoon some of us took walks through the crunchy white snow. Good to get a walk outside in the fresh air.

Fun to keep in touch with others through Facebook and up-to-date on snow in other areas. I enjoy seeing photos of the snow others are sharing, and reading stories of fun play times in the snow. Ah, snow, let it snow.

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I’m Back…

I have missed the last few days as I was not well. Thankfully I am all well now and feeling great.

We are currently getting the snow falling, which had been predicted for the last couple days. There is 4-6 inches expected as well as freezing rain during the night.
We’ve been told not to go out tomorrow unless absolutely necessary. Yesterday and today the grocery stores have had items sold out. I went to the store yesterday just for a few things and many shelves were empty.
Thankfully I have enough food and will stay in keeping warm and safe.

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Snow on trees


It has been a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Last night I shared in the annual Christmas Eve fondue dinner celebration with friends and their families…8 adults (9 with me) and 10 children. First the children opened gifts then we had a delicious and fun fondue meal, including fondue chocolate for dipping marshmallow, bananas, and fresh strawberries as our dessert.
The evening finale was the annual children’s enactment of the Nativity story, which included the newest baby in the family (3 weeks Jacob) as our baby Jesus. As usual, a joyful celebration.

Today was peaceful and quiet. I got a much-needed sleep in, then a slow easy time coming fully awake with a good hot mug of coffee. Later as I spoke with a friend who lives in another state, I looked out my big front window to see a lovely sight of falling snow. Later I went to a neighbor friend who invited me to join her for dinner. We ate a delicious meal she had prepared, and had a lovely visit.

Through all this time with others, and also my own quiet time, I remembered how grateful I am for my blessings.

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Although it is 30 degrees and tiny snow drops falling, it is a great day.

There is much sadness in our world, yet there is a lot of good as well. I actually hear and read more good stories than bad ones these days, which keeps my spirit believing in a better future.
I am so grateful for the many blessings I have that I don’t dwell on any issues in my life.
It is wonderful when the media reports on the good that others are doing, showing that even in tough times there are so many people taking time out of their lives to help others in a variety of ways…not just financially, but actual hands-on.

There are good people doing good things. And I just know there are better times ahead.

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