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Last night, after 5 years, finally…

We first met August 2002 when she joined the marketing group where I was working. We connected quickly and became friends. She was a great supporter of me when I got word that a book I wrote was going to be published. In 2005 we both left the company we worked for; she early in the year and me in August.

I had decided to move to Napa, California and Deborah and her husband were two of several friends who had a going away dinner for me at Bucca Di Beppo. That was a really fun night.

Although I thought I would be staying in California, a few months later I had to return to Georgia. Sometime in 2006 Deborah invited me to dinner at her home. She and hubby and moved to their new home while I was in California. It was a great evening sharing dinner with her and her hubby in their lovely home.

The first couple years we would occasionally keep in touch via email. Then time passed by. Once in a while I would call her and leave a voicemail message, she would call me back and leave a message; and so a couple of messages back and forth would be left, but never a connection.

Recently I found her on LinkedIn and invited her to join my network, including a personal message. She connected and that began our return to a connection…first by various emails. We tried a few times to meet for dinner, but circumstances would require postponing and picking another date to try to meet up.

Last night, after five years we met for dinner and catch-up session. It was almost as if those years apart did not exist. We talked for about an hour over a glass of wine before ordering our dinner. It was another couple of hours before we finally had to say goodnight and in hopes of seeing each other again…much sooner than five years 

A wonderful evening reconnecting with a missed friend.


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