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Illustration depicting thought.


When I read this question it reminds me of the movie “What Women Want” with Mel Gibson where he has an accident and can hear everything all women are thinking. At first he thought it was freaky, and then he thought it was cool because he could know what his new boss was thinking and be a few steps ahead of her.

Of course, as with many things we think we want, when we actually get it it’s not exactly what we hoped it would be 🙂

My first thought for me was that I would like to know what God is planning for my life 🙂 Hey, I like to aim high. But then if I knew ahead of time what He has planned for me then I would miss out on having them show up as surprises. He has gifted me with some amazing, unbelievable surprises in my life. So I don’t want to read His mind.

It is tempting to want to read someone else’s mind. Yet, still being a bit of a sensitive person I would not want to know if they were thinking something bad. I wonder though how cool it could be to know if they were thinking something wonderful, or maybe something that I would be able to help them with if I knew what they needed.
Well, I guess I am not sure if I would want to read minds for a day! Interesting idea though 🙂

And, as for the sub questions on same topic: Whose? What would you want to find out?
I can’t think of anyone in particular at the moment…probably will when I am just about to slip into dreamland tonight.

So if you could, would YOU?


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