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Well, it has been an up and down year for most everyone, including me.  I am ever so grateful that the rare downtimes have been brief, and I really have been blessed.  It has been a wonderful time of working on personal transitions, hopefully becoming wiser, writing more, and being available to help others.

 Now in this last month of 2011 it is time for looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus, for looking back at the joys and blessings of this year; and looking forward to a new year with more blessings and surprises.

Just a little trivia…yesterday I had a wisdom tooth taken out.  Hm!  Does that reduce what little wisdom I have, or does it make room for more?  🙂   


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Like all of our writing needs to be checked and re-checked for spelling errors, people’s names are especially important to get correct.

Note that I am just being curious, not upset.  Well, maybe a little upset.   I remember when I was young, especially when I started working, right out of high school; I was taught it was important to spell people’s names correctly.  It is such a personal thing and everyone deserves to have their name spelled they way they spell it.

I have made mistakes in spelling, and even on occasion someone’s name, but I try to remember to look and see how they spell it, or ask.  Many names used to be spelled one way, or at least most of the time.  So we presume that everyone with that name spells it the same way.  Over the years more people have decided to spell their names differently… Lisa/Liza, Amy/Amie, Linda/Lynda etc.

My name is spelled Ann.  I am told that many in the south would spell it with the “e” on the end, but not all.  For some reason this year more than ever people are spelling my first name with an “e” on the end of it.  And it doesn’t matter what part of the country they live in, or even if they are from another country.  This happens even though the way I spell it is in all of my communications; blog posts, Facebook, even emails.  We also need to make sure we know how to spell the person’s last name.  If you don’t know, and cannot “see” how they spell it, then ask.

Has your name frequently been misspelled?  How do you feel about it?

P.S.  If you see something misspelled in any of my posts, please tell me so I can correct it 🙂  Thanks,

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This was yesterday’s Word Press topic.

It was late in my life when I realized I was looking for that special place to live. I wondered what it would be like. Never thought it could actually be a place that would make me feel “at home” until I found it.

A few years ago, someone I knew only briefly and once when he hugged me…a long warm, holding me in his arms hug. There was something I never felt before, at home in his arms. Didn’t know then it was a hint of something to come…no not him, but something more.

I lived in Michigan, Florida, Ireland, Georgia, California, and back to Georgia. It’s a long story. Just know that I have never felt at home in either place.

A few years ago I decided to check out a city two hours from where I currently live as a possible place to get away now and then. The first day I went there to its downtown area, with a river running through it under the Main Street bridge, the beautiful river walk, a waterfall, and a park. The downtown has wonderful art studios and galleries, shops and restaurants. I had a great day there, and was amazed at how friendly the people were.
I knew that it was a good place to make get away day trips 

With each trip I took lots of photographs and told friends here in Georgia about my experiences…because they asked and wanted details. They asked if I would take them on one of my day trips.
I also heard the place had art festivals downtown, and decided to have a weekend trip about 3 months after I first started going there. I invited a friend to join me, as she had gone with me on a day trip and really liked it.
Each person I took on a day trip loved the place, and also experienced the same friendliness of the people.

Such a great place to have a break from routine, to get away, and an easy two hour drive. So, fairly frequently I would take a day trip, and weekend stays for each of the three special festivals of the year. As time went on I began to sense a peace wash over me as I got nearer. While there I would feel energized, motivated, inspired and a sense of endless possibilities for me. Every single time there someone would always stop start a conversation with me. Coffee from Starbucks and sitting at the café tables outside on Main Street near the bridge always made opportunities for more conversations with others. The next significant change in me was that each time I had to leave there and return here I would feel yukky (yes this is the only way I can describe that feeling) inside.

The biggest event was the day I was there, standing on the Main Street bridge looking over at the river when I realized this place was HOME.

I had been reading about this city and different things going on, I had started making friends, and then got involved in the TEDx events where I connected with a lot more people.

I have known for a long time now that it is truly where I belong. The reason Greenville, SC feels like HOME to me is that not only have I embraced the city and the people, but the people and the city have embraced me.
One of these days I will live in that special place for me; that I will call HOME for the rest of my life. Thank you, Greenville and all of your people who have embraced me and continue encouraging me to get there.

My Greenville…a few favorite photos taken by me at different times.

A Favorite View of the Reedy River and Falls (photo by Ann Marquette)


Favorite Resting Spot by the Reedy River (photo by Ann Marquette)

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Pleiades Star Cluster


Oh most beautiful star
In the sky tonight
You are most bright
I watch and wait
With hand raised up
Open and waiting
Slowly, oh so slowly
You move through
The night sky
You come closer
As I watch and wait
Hand outstretched
Then ever so softly
You come to rest
In the palm of my hand
You shine like a diamond
Your brilliance
Holds me in awe
I could almost wish
To hold you tight
To keep you safe just for me
In time, your light
Would fade from sight
You would die
To me and to all
So I let you stay
As long as you wish
With palm open
So you may leave at will
You will travel back
To the night sky
To shine brightly
For all to see
I will cherish
The moments you gifted me
With your light
Specially for me
For a little while…
Star So Bright

Copyright 2005

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I looked up
Such a beautiful sight
A huge orange ball
The evening sun
An amazing background
Like a blue ocean
And there it was
Only one long stretch
The white soft fluffy vision
My island in the sky

I could see
Happy people
Prancing unicorns
Fairies and hummingbirds
Puppies and kittens
Flowers and trees
A waterfall and rainbow

Such a beautiful
Happy place
My Island in the Sky

Copyright June 5, 2008

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A carnival glass vase.

Empty Vase

I give it all to you, Lord Jesus
This mind
This soul
This heart
The spirit within
I am letting go

Letting it all go
All the muddled thoughts
All the mixed emotions
All the confused feelings
Too much, too many
Have scarred the very essence
Of this being

I give to you
This empty vessel
This blank slate
For you to make it new
For you to fill it up
Fill it to overflowing
With Your goodness
Your grace
Your light
Your love

Write what you will
On this blank slate
That is me
Waiting to be cleansed
And renewed
With Your Spirit, Lord Jesus

Copyright October 24, 2008

Blank Sheet of Paper

Image by mark78_xp via Flickr

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Image via Wikipedia

Where has it gone
My inspiration
Where are they now
The words

It’s like the heart
The soul and spirit
Have been put to rest
Gone into hibernation

Holy Spirit stir my being
From this slumber awaken me
Fill my heart with song
My soul with your love

Infuse my spirit
With your inspiration
Guide my hand
In the writing of the words

May the writings shared
Encourage and inspire
Bring joy and cleansing tears
Healing to mind, heart, and spirit.

Copyright 6/24/2010

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 I was sad that I had to cancel my trip to Greenville this weekend for the art festival. Just the gas to drive there and back would cost me $60 which I just cannot spend that right now. I am even careful where I drive around here locally…not too far.

So this weekend I am spending quiet time in prayer and reflection here at the house…NO TELEVISION.


This morning I noticed a MESS AT THE END OF THE WALKWAY to my house..

Hmm! who made this mess (photo by Ann Marquette)


It Is You by Ann Marquette


Making Your Nest by Ann Marquette


The nest is in fairly low branches RIGHT ABOVE my sidewalk.  She is eats lots of the berries from the tree and poops all over my car and parking spots.

Had to take my car to the car wash and will not be parking under the tree for a while.

 What was really cool this morning when I saw her out there, I went out the door with the camera and she never flew away.  Just went about her business gathering stuff for her nest.  Even looked up at me a couple of times.

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Suggested photo post was for an ocean. I hope the river will do 🙂

Reedy River and Falls under Liberty Bridge by Ann Marquette

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Phillis Wheatley

Writing by Phillis Wheatley

I wrote this in May 2004 and decided to revisit the thoughts and feelings.
I do love to write, and I dream of a time when I do not have to worry about looking for paying jobs, so I can focus on dreaming inspirations and write.

I am in the middle of writing book 2 of the Little One series, and feel and amazing sense of joy. Some parts of the stories I write are just pure magic, a gift God gives me during the inspirational times.

They are even more special when they reflect truths, beautiful truths in life, especially when they are part of my life or inspired by someone else.

These stories of Little One are not my life stories, although parts of them could be metaphorically related to my life. Some of them are inspired by things that happen, and some I wish would happen (smile).

I would hope that this second book will be as wonderful for the readers as I have heard the first one has been for the many who have read it.

The greatest joy from a published story is to hear or read what others have experienced from it…joy, inspiration of some kind, how it may have helped them in their lives, their decision to start writing a book or poems of their own.
These are greatest gifts any author can receive from their readers.

Thank you God for the joy-filled spaces of time.

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Life is not perfect, yet I find moments of joy in being kind to me. Time to refresh myself in order to give to others.

Taking time to just sit and be happy within, to work on my writing, listening to beautiful music or read is peaceful. And on occasion I treat myself to flowers.

I also remember how grateful I am for so many blessings in my life. The most precious blessings are the people in my life, even those who in it for only a short while.

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With Valentine’s Day coming I want to share this poem I wrote in 2005. I hope you will enjoy it.

You sit in this quiet place
Playing quiet beautiful music
A peace comes over you

You feel a joy you never knew
You look up to see her
There a short distance away

Her smile comes from deep within
She walks very slowly
She is coming to you

You are still playing
Yet you have stopped breathing
You feel you are in a dream

She is beside you now
She holds out her hand to you
You take her hand and rise

The music goes on in your souls
You hold each other
Softly, slowly you glide around the floor

The dance begins
To the quiet song within your hearts

January 8, 2005Copyright

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[Glenariff. County Antrim, Ireland] (LOC)


Today’s suggested post topic – When teleportation is finally possible, where will you beam yourself first?

This is an easy one for me. I would beam myself to Ireland to visit my friends and spend time traveling around the country again. I lived there for 12 years. Sadly it has been 18 years since I have been there. I miss seeing my friends there, and visiting places around Ireland.

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