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When I first got my little gardenia plants I read about planting and caring for them.  It was recommended that when a blossom comes out, that it is a good idea within a couple days to cut the flower and put in water indoors to enjoy for a few more days.  So I did just that with this first one, put it in a martini glass to set next to my computer where I can get a whiff of that wonderful Gardenia scent and enjoy the beauty of the white blossom.  I took some photos.  Enjoy.

Gardenia in Martini glass blk by Ann Marquette


Gardenia in Martini Glass Wht by Ann Marquette



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A couple months ago I planted three small versions of Gardenia plants.  I knew they had to get settled before any blossoms would show up.  I watered them as they should be, especially when getting them started.  I have been waiting and watching them…kept waiting for a sign of the beautiful and fragrant white blossoms to show up.

Finally the first perfect white blossom …

Beautiful Gardenia #1 by Ann Marquette

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