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Love this topic because those of us who love to take photos, some of the best are when we are in the right place at the right time to catch something good, or maybe even great.  I enjoy capturing people enjoying the Reedy River and waterfall along Falls park in Greenville, SC.  Here are a couple I took last weekend.

Refreshing, But Cold by Ann Marquette

Resting In The Sunshine by Ann Marquette


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Last weekend throughout the St. Francis Fall for Greenville Festival I took lots of photos…not unusual for me 🙂  Sitting out front of Starbucks on Main St. I saw this adorable little girl.

Smiling Cutie photo by Ann Marquette

Clemson Cutie photo by Ann Marquette

Cutie between her parents photo by Ann Marquette

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I love water and have several photos of the Reedy River and Falls in Greenville, SC.  I took at least 8 photos on a recent trip there with a friend who had never been and wanted to experience the place for herself.  She loves it.    I selected two for this post.

Can you feel the PEACEfulness?

Peaceful Reading at Reedy River Falls

What would you be reading?


A Favorite Spot along Reedy River


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