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Believe ~ In New Beginnings by Ann Marquette

Believe ~ In New Beginnings by Ann Marquette

I am grateful for this holiday of Thanksgiving.  It is wonderful to spend special time with family, with friends, sharing a meal and giving thanks for our blessings.  It is delightful to sit around the table together sharing gratitude and memories of the past.  If only we could remember to give thanks every day, even for the small things and for the blessings God showers on us that we don’t even realize or think about that He gifts to us.

Every few years Thanksgiving lands on my birthday, which makes it special for me.  This year is even more special.  Several years ago I found the place where I truly feel AT HOME, where I feel embraced by the place and the people.  The last few years I have tried to sell the house in Georgia so I could move to Greenville, SC.  Earlier this year I sensed this was the time.  In September I listed the house with a great agent and we had a confirmed contract by October 21st.  The closing and my move took place mid-November.

So here I am in my new place, home in Greenville on this Thanksgiving Day, my birthday.  Thank you God for your many blessings.

This morning I am thinking about my mother who decided at the last minute, not to have me aborted and then gave birth to me at 7 months.  She said I was so small I fit in a cigar box J  She was only 17 years old and single.  It was not an easy life for her and it caused much friction between us through the years.  However, I am grateful to be alive, to have come through many difficulties in my life, but oh so grateful for the amazing blessings…including the extra surprise blessings God has gifted me with.

I am not sure why God brought me to this place, at this time, but I know He has a purpose for me here.  I pray for guidance every day that I walk the path He has for my journey.  I know one thing for sure…the people throughout my life have been the greatest blessings, and I ask Him to guide me to be a blessing to others.

Thank you God for waking me up on this beautiful sunny day, for my health, for the wonderful people in my life, and all the past, present and future blessings.



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A American Sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua),...

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I love that November is a month in the season of Autumn, and has two annual special days…Thanksgiving, and my birthday.

 I love the cooler days with sunshine and falling leaves.  Like nature I enjoy using some of my time in rest and thinking of it as time for  renewal.

Many times in my life I have experienced November being the beginning of new things for me, new experiences, and wonderful surprises.

I woke this morning eager for the beginning of this day, the first day of this month, my month…November.

I wish you all a fabulous November, even if it is not your month or favorite season.

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