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I try to be faithful to my PostADay challenge and tonight I was going to say “This will be very short tonight because I am a couple of days behind reading the blogs I subscribe to, and want to get through them tonight.” The other issue was because I wasn’t inspired about anything in particular. Also, I did not want to a little lazy and just post another photo, or one of my previously written poems.

But then inspiration came walking in, so here I am.

While being out of work and searching for something new, one of the things I do is attend networking meetings as I did this morning. Today’s speaker told about her life and how she came to really KNOW herself. One of the ways she confirmed the person she is within was taking the Strength Finders 2.0 survey and reading the book which explains each of the 34 personality themes and the actions to take to be better at our true selves. She did a great job and definitely encouraged us to get the book and do the survey. At the end she said she needed a volunteer and asked who would help. I raised my hand and was the only one willing to volunteer, for what I did not know. It turned out that just by being willing to help I was given a copy of the book Strength Finders 2.0 by Tom Rath. There was nothing to help with. She just wanted to reward the willingness to volunteer. What a great idea. Getting the book was a great surprise gift.

Also during this time of transition in my life, I am learning more about myself, making personal transitions within, and working on my writing.

So, I will read the book and do the survey to confirm what I already believe to be true about myself; and enjoy learning what I may find I didn’t know.

OK, I am off to catch up on reading some of your blogs.


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A Great Day

It was below freezing here this morning and sunny. I got up early to attend a 7:45 a.m. meeting. At the recommendation of new contact, Mary, I attended a C3G Career Networking group meeting. It was very good and I made some wonderful new contacts. The group also has subgroups which meet at different locations on other days of the week. There are two which I will attend.

Early in the meeting each new attendee was asked to go on stage and give their name, say what they are experienced in, what they are looking for, and any other information which may be beneficial. Later I was approaches by two different people suggesting there may be some freelance opportunities for me.

This evening I received notice of a new posting at a website I subscribe to “The Art of Non-Conformity” and the posting series The Agenda topic was about building a legacy.

After reading the post I was moved to comment:
• Thanks for this wonderful series, especially Build a Legacy.
My thoughts about leaving a legacy began in the mid to late 80′s when I read the book “The Neverending Story” by Michael Ende. He had written it originally for children. However, it became so popular with adults that it was published in several languages and reprinted many times. Personally I read it five times within three months and each time I noticed something I had not noticed before. I loved the positive underlying messages. I thought what an amazing legacy to leave behind. I began to realize that I had not done anything special in my life to leave as a legacy. However, I never thought I would be a writer…until one day when I woke with a story in my head. It was so powerful that I had to sit down and write, which I did all that day. Some years later it was published and the response from readers has blown me away. I am grateful for the positive affect it has had on so many.

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