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Recently I sensed you were already here and I wrote this…

Believe In New Beginnings by Ann Marquette

Believe In New Beginnings by Ann Marquette


Oh My Love

Who are you

Where are you

Already I feel your tender kiss

And you holding me close

I know your love

Beyond ever imagined

Who are you my love

Where are you

I am here waiting

© June 12, 2014


Then I searched my blog and found something I wrote on September 22, 2007 and posted here in 2011


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When you look into my eyes
I see heaven in yours
I see your unconditional love
I see your joy in me
Your eyes are like the brightest Stars in the heavens

God guided us to each other, to this path
On the way to heaven
We are meant to love each other

I feel heaven in your heart
And it is in mine
What amazing joy we are
In each others eyes, each others arms,
And in our hearts

I have longed to touch your face
To hold your hand
For now, this is an illusive longing
And I feel the passion yet to be shared

Someday, if it is meant to be…
I will say ~
Welcome to Heaven, My Love~

© June 17, 2005

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