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I am friends with a family of five children. I have known the couple since the oldest was 6 months old. As the family grew I’ve had the privilege of babysitting and helping them in other ways with the children. Sometimes taking different ones to places they needed to be, or picking them up and taking them home when the parents were busy with the other children, maybe driving the others to and from different events.

Over the last few months I have been able to help in this way with one or the other of two who have been in rehearsals for a play, going to band practice, or dance classes. I love all five of these children. They are awesome. And I enjoy being able to have the drive time with one or the other as we talk one on one.

Well, the past couple weeks they haven’t needed the help with that nor sitting with the kids while Mom and Dad go on their weekly date night. Gosh, the weeks are not the same without at least one appointment with them 

I got my fix today when the extended families gathered to celebrate the 3rd oldest of this family, and the oldest of their 5 cousins in another family. We all gather at the grandparent’s house for the celebrations.

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This was written for last night’s blog, but I didn’t get around to posting it 🙂

I looked for you this morning. Thought you would be here, so I was expecting you.

After running an errand and back home by mid-morning, I hoped you would be here soon. A couple of hours later, after getting a few things done around the house and having lunch, still no sign of you.

I wondered all day about you. Know how you brighten my day when you are here I was looking forward to seeing you. But, you never came.

I missed you ~ my SUNshine!

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