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This I wrote in April 2004. I was apparently deeply touched by something…Silence?  I love this work of art by Michael Cox.

Blue Moon by Michael Cox

Silence is quiet
It speaks…
Peace or pain

Silence is loud
It screams…
Thoughts unspoken
Real or unreal
Truth or untruth

Silence is not always golden
Silence can be a black hole
Silence may be more painful
Than the words of truth

©April 2004


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Love this topic…

First my photo of baby ducklings..

Baby Ducklings by Ann Marquette



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Inspired by this work of art by Michael Cox. 

Voices of Time by Michael Cox

There was a man and woman, each in their own worlds unknown to each other. Their lives had been filled with many blessings, and some troubled times.

Each found themselves in a space of solitude…a time for reflection, for grieving, for closing doors to the past, to cleansing their hearts and spirits.

One day they realized the dark clouds in their lives were breaking up and drifting off. They began to see God’s glorious sunlight peaking through and revealing a beautiful sight.

Each of them was living on opposite sides of a rocky landscape that circled a beautiful pool of water. Their homes were simple structures with only columns holding up the roofs. There were no walls. It seemed symbolic as they were tearing down the walls they had built around their hearts.

They woke one morning to the sound of birds singing and soaring overhead. They looked out to see two trees that had come alive with their white blossoms of spring.

So many times, up to this point, they had the feeling that someone special was nearby. On this morning, with the darkness gone, the light shining, the birds singing, they each stand and look across the pool of water and see there is someone on the other side.

At first there is surprise, then a few moments of trepidation. Then…there is the moment of recognition, a feeling of peaceful joy within, and excitement. They are eager to meet, to talk,
to walk together.

They both turn at the same time and see a structure similar to theirs on a lower portion of the rocky landscape which looks out over the ocean. There seems to be a light glowing from within.

At the same time, they each begin to descend the steps of their own space and take the journey through the rocky landscape to meet at the place by the ocean. Occasionally they stumble along the way, but eagerly continue in order to meet face to face.

They arrive at the same time, but having to ascend the structure’s steps at opposite sides. There is a small fire glowing inside, the flames very low but constant. They come closer, each reaching out a hand which they accept…quietly, in awe, and joy. As their hands touch, their hearts soar as if in flight. Yet, as they accept and hold each other’s hand they feel as if they have landed together safely, softly, securely.

No words are spoken yet. But, as they look out at the calm waters of the great ocean, they know in their hearts they are meant to be together…that this is just the beginning of their dreams. Their spirits soar with happiness beyond imagination, and thankfulness for…
God’s great gift of each other.

Written October 9, 2004

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A few weeks ago I posted about the robin building a nest in the tree out front, in the branches just above the sidewalk leading to my porch. I watched her as she selected all the pieces and flew up into it placing each piece just where she wanted them. Then I didn’t see her for a very long time.

The Nest

In the last couple days I noticed movement in the nest, but I could never see clearly because of the other branches with their leaves in the way, except the occasional breeze which moved the limbs for a brief half second.

Yesterday and today I tried to capture brief glimpses. Not an easy task, even from the upstairs window.
This afternoon I downloaded the photos to trash the worst ones and see whatever I could see.
Surprisingly the bird I saw in these photos does not look like a robin. I emailed them to my friend, Michael, the Bird Whisperer to see what he thought, with what little we can see. He said it looks like a morning dove, and I agree. And he explained “that happens a lot….also sometimes different birds will use a nest after it has already been used previously by a different species of bird too…..:-) I guess some of them would rather just move in….then have to build from scratch…:-)

Bird In the Nest

Another view of a bird in the nest, which looks like another bird, maybe?

A different bird also in nest?

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Today I was working on book two about the journeys and adventures of Little One. One scene reminded me of Michael Cox who is a bird whisperer http://www.thebirdwhisperer.org and caregiver. So I decided to share this section of Little One’s story.

Martha notices the eagle and doves, pretty much hanging around and wonders out loud, “Little One, have you noticed the same birds staying around here?”

“Sure” says Little One “they are my friends. The eagle is Tom and the doves are called Peace and Love. Would you like to meet them?”

Martha’s face lights up and she says “yes, I would.”

Little One calls out “Tom, Peace and Love, would you come meet Martha.” The three birds come and land right next to Martha. Kelly stays where he is totally accepting these new visitors. Martha is so delighted, but calm, as she does not want to scare them away. Little One sensing Martha’s desire to touch these beautiful birds tells her “it is ok if you want to touch them. They won’t mind.”

Martha slowly reaches out to Tom and gently, strokes his head, down his back. Tom slowly opens his left wing and lets Martha stroke it. She is mesmerized by this event in her life. Martha has always loved all kinds of animals including those not domesticated by humans. She often wished she could touch some of them. She use to have a red squirrel that would come to her door each spring and scratch to be let in, and it would eat out of her hand, and leave when it was time.

“Thank you Tom” says Martha. Tom looking at Martha almost seems to nod in acceptance.

Martha opens her left hand to the doves and Love responds by walking over and into Martha’s hand and rests there. Peace follows and rests in Martha’s lap. Martha takes turns stroking each dove and speaks to them softly, and thanks them for the gift of allowing her this closeness with them. Love then moves to lie beside Peace in Martha’s lap for a while.

Martha tells Little One of her friendship with the squirrel for many years and what a joy this is to be friendly with others of God’s creatures. Martha says to Little One “You are very lucky, very blessed Little One to have friends such as this.”

“Yes” says Little One. “They are very special and I am so glad they have come into my life.”

Martha is a very kind and gracious old lady. She has seen much in her life, and learned in her later years to be more open and take more risks. And though she always respects the privacy of others she decides she has to ask Little One, “how did you become friends with these beautiful birds?”

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I decided to share another of my favorites of Michael’s works of art.  It reminds me of the times when I am in a space of time by myself; and of Little One the protagonist in my book Little One~End of Journey Alone.

The Channel by Michael Cox

You can check out more of Michael’s work at his website www.michaelcox.com

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I have been working on a serious piece for my post, but decided I need more time to think on it. So I decided to share a beautiful work of art by a friend of mine that is more peaceful than reading the post I am working on 🙂

This is the first piece I ever saw of Michael Cox’s art and still one of, if not my favorite.
He titled it “Together”… if only we all could work together and be more loving it would be a beautiful world. Thanks Michael.

Together by Michael Cox

To see more of Michael’s work go to his site www.michaelcox.com

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