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Recently I  read a question starting with “Born to…” and leaving the rest blank for our imaginations to fill in.  Another was of seeking our purpose while here; and beyond.

So here goes for my thoughts for me personally.BORN TO…

• Be kind and loving
• Serve God by serving others
• Learn
• Be encouraging
• Inspire
• Write
• Connect
• Walk God’s path for me now and forever

I would love to hear from you, with what you believe your were
Born to….


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House key

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I wrote this a couple of years ago for a friend.

You have been gone so long
I have been empty without you
I have been waiting for you.

I sense you are on the way
I stand strong and eager
I await your return.

I know the moment
Your feet step onto my porch
Your hand puts the key in my door
Your hand turns the knob
And then the moment
You step inside the heart of me
I know you are home.

You are my soul
Your loving hands made me
The way I am today
Your heart loves and cares for me.

I have missed you
Missed your footsteps
As you walk my floors
I waited to hold you
Safe and warm
Within my walls.

And now
You are Home.

Signed ~
Your house, Your Home

Copyright January 8, 2009

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Autumn has always been my favorite season. One Autumn a few years ago was extra special.

The tree colors in the city where I lived were more glorious than I had seen them before.

More wonderful, special people had come into my life…even if briefly. My heart used to hurt so much, when people who came into my life, and I would have liked to keep them there, but they would go out again; not for any bad reason, just life.

As I think about these special souls who come in and out of my life, I realize something magical about some of them. They have had unstable or life-threatening sad beginnings to their lives. Yet they and God knew they needed to be in this world of ours. They are living proof of miracles, and strength, goodness and love. These souls create moments of magic in other people’s lives…they have in mine. I think of them as elusive Unicorns who pass through my life reminding me that I have a loving heart. And even though my heart breaks when they leave, I know another will come along to fill that empty space even for a little while.

Maybe it was that Autumn when I learned to be at peace with letting people come in and out of my life as they needed or wanted. This time of year seems to be a beautiful time for Letting Go, to allow myself to become A Blank Slate in order to allow for healing and new beginnings.

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