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Well, it has been an up and down year for most everyone, including me.  I am ever so grateful that the rare downtimes have been brief, and I really have been blessed.  It has been a wonderful time of working on personal transitions, hopefully becoming wiser, writing more, and being available to help others.

 Now in this last month of 2011 it is time for looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus, for looking back at the joys and blessings of this year; and looking forward to a new year with more blessings and surprises.

Just a little trivia…yesterday I had a wisdom tooth taken out.  Hm!  Does that reduce what little wisdom I have, or does it make room for more?  🙂   


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The above title was suggested for today’s PostADay 2011 challenge.

I am looking forward to and pray for this year being better for everyone…even if it only begins with small things. I will be grateful for it all.

For me, I am looking forward to:
~ becoming more of who I really AM
~ becoming a better writer and more prolific
~ looking forward to more surprise blessings…not just for me,
but also for others throughout the year.

I do have some big dreams, and I believe in them. They may not happen as I see them happen, which is ok because then I will be surprised by even better blessings. In the meantime I walk the path toward them.

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