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This was inspired by the story Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend  
By Matthew Dicks http://matthewdicks.com/memoirs-of-an-imaginary-friend
The story is told by Budo who is the Imaginary Friend about his precarious life.
I suspect many of us feel invisible, even to those who are friends or friendly
acquaintances, at times. 


You can see my human body,
But you don’t SEE me.

You can hear my voice
But you don’t HEAR me.

You say we are “friends”
But do you really KNOW me?

Am I your friend,
Even when it is not convenient?

Am I your friend,
Only when you want something?

Do you KNOW
My strengths,
Do you care?

Do you KNOW
My likes and dislikes
Do you care?

Do you KNOW
What hurts me,
Do you care?

Do you KNOW
What makes me happy
Do you care?

Can you really SEE me
Do you want to KNOW me
Do you care?

Are we really FRIENDS

© August  2014

Have YOU, ever experienced a sense of being invisible?  How does it make you feel?


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