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It has been an interesting seven days…and the reason I have not posted recently. 

Xperience Greenville photo by Ann Marquette

Ok, these past seven days started out great. Last Thursday I drove, in beautiful weather, to my favorite city Greenville, SC to help as a volunteer for the annual TEDx Greenville event which took place on Friday. Thursday was preparation for registration early the next morning. All day Friday was working registration and helping wherever needed throughout the day. Friday evening I worked registration for the outdoor event Xperience Greenville (yes it is spelled Xperience without the “E”). It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed working with all the people there.

Saturday was another lovely day. I had lunch with one of my friends at Rafferty’s. They do great burgers…yummy! Then the afternoon was spent walking around downtown, along river walk and Falls Park. A relaxing stop for coffee sitting at a café table outside Starbucks on Main Street, and watching people and pets is a special time for me. I also get my puppy fix because there is always at least one person with their dog and they let me pet him/her.

Got back to the house here in Georgia around 9:15pm Saturday night. Sunday was a quiet peaceful day.

Monday was great until my laptop started acting up. By night-time it was unusable. Turns out the video card or screen pretty much died. When I found out it would cost at least $350 to repair either, I decided it was not worth repairing a 5-year-old Celeron laptop. The thought of having to buy another was not very appealing considering current finances.

Gosh, what did we do before computers? I am lost without one…no email, Twitter, Facebook, ability to type my words online, check my spreadsheets, etc.

I am so grateful to my brother for looking on Craigslist while we talked on the phone. Just a few hours before someone who lives in my area had listed his laptop for sale. It is a much better one than mine and only about 2 years old. I called him, we met up yesterday morning and I bought it for the same cost it was going to cost me to repair the other one. And it has a much better suite of programs  After getting it diagnosed, all my data from other one transferred, and everything setup again…I am in happy camper land again.


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