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Siberian Chipmunk photographed on the mountain...


I have a tiny fenced in area behind my townhouse. There is a patio and a small section with groundcover and a few plants. Occasionally a chipmunk shows up.

Yesterday I looked out the patio doors and there was a large magnificent butterfly. Its coloring was a black which graduated into softened grays, then a beautiful turquoise. It would flit about then land for a few seconds, then flit around again. It was a lovely sight. Eventually it flew up and over the six foot fence.

Later, I was working in the kitchen. At one point I slowly turned around and looked out the kitchen window. And there was the chipmunk standing straight up. Unfortunately, he or she saw my movement and ran off. Darn, I love it when I see him/her out there.

The joy of nature and the little critters are God’s gifts which I am grateful for. 


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Here I sit on my front porch, in the shade of the Cherry Tree as the autumn colored and dead leaves fall.  I love the sound of them falling, the crackling when I walk through them.  I love AUTUMN. 

Through the open window I hear music from The Secret Garden and feel the peace in my own little world.

I sense this blogging and my friends are encouraging my writing.  I also sense another change on its way ~ another good and wonderful change on this path I am on.  It reminds me of the path taken by the character, L’Uni, in my first story of Little One~End of Journey Alone.  L’Uni is a young unicorn.

Here is the excerpt:

She had left the cove only a few hours when she comes to a bridge.  ‘That bridge doesn’t look strong enough to hold a fairy she thought.’  But, it is the only way across between the two lands.  She has to take the chance.  So, she makes herself believe that if she walks gently and with faith, she will somehow make it across.  First, one step, then another, and another. They are such tender steps; she can’t even hear herself touch the fragile path beneath her.  She looks down, and when she sees the depths to which she could fall, her steady calm becomes a nervous wobble. She stops where she

is to calm herself, then forces herself to look only straight ahead to the path in front of her and to the other side.  Slowly, and again calmly, she goes on and soon finds she is on safe ground once more.   L’Uni catches her breath when she sees an unknown number of exquisitely beautiful butterflies hovering just a few feet from her.  Their wings are fluttering so; she can hardly tell they are moving at all.  They seem to be waiting there…for someone, or something to happen.   L’Uni looks around and notices two pathways.  One to the right seems to go through a forest and the other into the open countryside.  She knows she must be on her way, and now has to make another choice.  The path through open countryside seems to be the easiest and safest…but, is it the right choice.   She stands there puzzling within herself, when one of the butterflies lights on her nose.  Then just as suddenly takes off toward the forest path.  L’Uni stands there in blank silence.  The butterfly comes back, again lighting on L’Uni’s nose. And, just as the last time takes off toward the forest path.  Something takes flight inside her, and L’Uni knows she must follow the butterflies through the woods.  So off they go, to face the unknown.

Wow! This is fun 🙂  Now, if only I could figure out where Little One is going from where she is in the second story.

If only I had the finances and other resources to spend most of my time dreaming, writing, creating.  At least I CAN DREAM 🙂

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