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Reading the Touchstones of Happiness, 75 of them from various individuals reminds me of some of my own.

My morning cup of French Press coffee with Jesus.

The day my brother came to us, only a few days old as a foster child. And again, when our parents brought him back home from a hospital in Virginia where is biological mother had left him, then decided to let us adopt him. We got him back before his first birthday. Thinking of him makes me smile.

A sweatshirt he gave me which I wore until it was nearly in tatters. I was able to save the front of it and a friend made it into a small pillow cover. Now I can hug it lovingly, like I am hugging him.

Fresh flowers bring me joy, especially tulips, calilies, and daisies.

Books, books, books.

My Tiffany Bracelet from Becky. And remembering how I met her…at my Tiffany Reception hosted by the Regional VP of Tiffany’s for my newly published book.

Walks along a sandy beach at the ocean.

A fresh new legal pad of paper, a favorite pen…and the beginning of a new writing.

Or a clean white Word doc writing with the keys on my tablet as I sit in the Barnes and Noble Café.

Quality time with friends, face to face.

What are some of your touchstones of happiness?  Would love to read yours.



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When I first got my little gardenia plants I read about planting and caring for them.  It was recommended that when a blossom comes out, that it is a good idea within a couple days to cut the flower and put in water indoors to enjoy for a few more days.  So I did just that with this first one, put it in a martini glass to set next to my computer where I can get a whiff of that wonderful Gardenia scent and enjoy the beauty of the white blossom.  I took some photos.  Enjoy.

Gardenia in Martini glass blk by Ann Marquette


Gardenia in Martini Glass Wht by Ann Marquette


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A couple months ago I planted three small versions of Gardenia plants.  I knew they had to get settled before any blossoms would show up.  I watered them as they should be, especially when getting them started.  I have been waiting and watching them…kept waiting for a sign of the beautiful and fragrant white blossoms to show up.

Finally the first perfect white blossom …

Beautiful Gardenia #1 by Ann Marquette

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I hope this will be a little light for Trey who is going through a rough time right now.

Each new day ~ even if it is raining
I wish you to see sunshine and flowers

Every night ~ even if cloudy skies
I wish you see only star light and moon glow

Each day ~ especially if you feel down
I wish you a special visitor
A humming-bird, a butterfly to make your
Heart Smile

Anytime ~ if you feel alone
I wish you the unmistakable feeling
Of a hug from Jesus

Always I wish you unlimited Heart Smiles

Copyright April 3, 2011

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Path over cherry trees. (Jerte's Valley)

Cherry trees

Ah, the blessings of spring
They bring renewed hope
A joyful new outlook on life
The heart’s dream of everlasting love
The trees are dressed in beautiful blossoms
Flowers emerging from a renewed earth
Birds singing in the trees
Bringing smiles to a winter weary heart A windy sunny afternoon
Sounds of rustling trees and wind chimes
Clears the cobwebs of the mind
Bringing joy to the soul
Yes, the blessings of spring
Fill my heart with hope
My soul with excitement of surprises to come
My spirit with everlasting love

Copyright May 15, 2004

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A fairy offering wishes, illustration by John ...

A fairy offering wishes, illustration by John Bauer

Oh sure, I guess most of us would say money. Not me.

My magic tree grows various flowers and hidden within bunches of flowers are happy hearts, happy faces, and hugs.

As I move through the world and find those in need of a special bouquet of flowers with a happy heart, a happy face, and hug I take notes for when I get home.

Then I send my wee ambassadors out with just the right bouquet for each person. You see, my magic tree also has a special land underneath where my fairy friends live and they like helping me with the gifting.

What does your magic tree grow?

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