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Set your soul on fire…

This is how reaching up, reading, striving to be better, and how other writers can stir the fire in our souls to do better, AND how we can find at least one person who creates in us the desire to BE better, as a human being, a friend, companion, etc.

For years, a huge part of my life has been striving to be a better person, to shed the less than good parts of myself. It is a long and difficult journey to say the least. As I have grown in maturity, I have been blessed to meet many wonderful people in my life who have at least one special quality I’ve wanted to emulate.

Some of life’s experiences have forced me to be better, to do better. Those are the really tough lessons that make us stronger and better. I have been reading much the last several years or so, searching, getting inspired, learning something from each book read.

One book I purchased a few years ago was SHINE by Larry Thompson whose Project Rise & Shine is for people who want to truly SHINE by living the life using the gifts/talents God has given them. His book is partly a workbook, asking questions that make us look deep into ourselves, finding all the awesome things about ourselves many of us don’t remember or not aware of…like what is special about us, what is unique, what are the wonderful things we have accomplished in our lives. Powerful stuff to become aware of, be grateful for, and love about ourselves.

Then I read the book Fierce Conversations (Achieving Success at work and in life, one conversation at a time) by Susan Scott!!!!!!!!!! Wow! EXPLOSIVE…fierce and intense! From the beginning I was so inspired… My spirit, my soul cried out…’I want for all who encounter me for any reason, but especially those special close friends, family, business associates – I want to be a breath of fresh air, inspiration for hope, feeling peace, and to know they are loved.’

I want to be the very best I can be in every way, so that even in a small way I may encourage or inspire others who come into my life.

Written in 2005


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WordPress bloggers were presented a challenge at the beginning of the year to Post A Day/Post A Week…our choice. On Sunday, May 1st they congratulated us on completing 33% of this year’s challenge. Then they suggested “To celebrate being thirty-three percent done with Post a Day/Post a Week, share your top three favorite posts that you’ve published since starting the challenge.”

This was a great idea as it gives us the opportunity to look back at what we wrote and put out there for the world to read. It is a chance to review which may be our personal favorites, share them again with you, and hope that some of them made you smile or laugh, maybe shed a tear, encouraged or inspired you. Maybe even one made your Heart Smile.

I have gone through many of my posts to try to figure out which three are my favorites. I suspect there are more than the four I found which are special to me, and tried to cut it down to three!! I couldn’t decide which one to cut so I link all four here.

I don’t have one particular theme  I write about. Also my blog is a mixed bag of poetry, personal photography, short articles, musings, etc. I hope you like being surprised by what I will post next and that you enjoy them.

These are in no particular order. Of course, this first one seems appropriate.





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