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The first words I think of are pride, fear, hurt, anger, lack of courage.  Either one or more could be reason(s) for anyone to find it hard to forgive.  It is especially hard to forgive someone face to face.  Whether we do it in person, by letter, or deep within our heart,  it is important to forgive, not for the other person’s sake, but for our own.  It is important that we forgive with love in our heart, and once we do then we must also LET GO of any and all negative feelings about the issue.  It is amazing how free and peaceful it is after forgiving and Letting Go ~~

Time For Letting Go
by Ann Marquette

Anytime is a great time to give this gift, not only to the other person(s), but also to ourselves. Time for healing.

One of the most painful things we have to do in our lives is Letting Go.

Sometimes it is Letting Go of things…material things which mean a lot to us, because of sentimental value.

It may mean Letting Go of feelings. When we hold sadness inside, and try to mask it with only a show of happiness, it is better to feel the sadness so it washes through us then Let it Go. A good cry can be cleansing.

One of the best things to do in our lives is Letting Go of anger and hurt caused by others. We need to find it in our hearts to forgive lovingly. The anger and hurt we hold inside only poisons us, and causes us to allow that person or persons to control our feelings. I have heard of people who have been hurt far worse than I could ever imagine, yet they found it in their hearts to forgive, with love, and let go. They found freedom within that allowed them to soar like an eagle. I have found peace by forgiving others who have hurt me, and I pray they have found peace within themselves.

Sometimes, we have to let go of someone we care for very deeply when we realize that person does not care for us in the same way. Maybe it is best to leave them remembering us with whatever kind of feeling they do have for us. It may not be possible to hide our own deeper feelings for that person, which could make their life uncomfortable. Letting Go may be the best gift we can give them because they may realize how we feel, yet care enough not to want to hurt us.

Even when we know a relationship is not right, on both sides, or one person has a doubt about it, it is hard to let go of something that seems secure. We often accept less than the best because we can’t bear to let go.

There are occasions when we feel something wonderful for someone, but we don’t express it for fear of being rejected. Sometimes our feelings will be rejected. Yet, what if we withhold it from the one person who could very well be that One Special Someone in our lives and they too have been afraid to express their true feelings, or don’t even realize their true feelings yet! How sad that we may miss The Best for fear of Letting Go of the expression of those feelings.

Whatever the reason, or situation, it is never easy Letting Go.

©December 19, 2007

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Kalemegdan path

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This is today’s WordPress suggested topic and a good one.

Each time a particular source of income may be coming to an end I tend to get scared.
What happened? It either did not end, or another source came into my life.
What I learned is to stop being afraid, to stop thinking about the money.

I just remember that as long as I keep doing my best, walking the path I am meant to follow…my own special road; and most of all trusting in God’s guidance and love, then all is well.

Being human I know we tend to try to be in control of our lives, but it sure is better when we allow God to take over. My energy, inspiration, and motivation all in higher gear.   Joy then just overflows.

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