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This was yesterday’s suggested topic, but I started writing so late last night I got too tired to finish it. This is an exciting topic and thank you WordPress for it.

I thought about this for a while, trying to think of one which I would love to meet and talk with. My first thought of the characters in The Neverending Story, specifically Atreyu http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Characters_of_The_Neverending_Story#Atreyu.  But then I realized the one I would like to meet first is the protagonist in the story I wrote “Little One~End of Journey Alone” who is called Little One, for reasons only found in reading the story. In just now reading the details of Atreyu’s life before he comes into the story I am blown away that the beginning of his life has a similar characteristic to Little One’s.

Some years ago I read The Neverending Story five times. The story and underlying messages blew me away. The popularity of the story around the world and still today is such a wonderful legacy to leave behind for the author. I didn’t know I could tell stories of my own at that time.

Anyway, I would love to meet my character, Little One.

We would start the day having breakfast at a little French café sitting in front of the fireplace by the window. As we enjoy our meal together we chat about her first impressions of this city since she arrived. She wants to know more about it so I tell her some of the things which I love about it, including its people. When we leave the café I give her a tour, showing her the sights and introducing her to some of the people I know. We have a wonderful time and she is so excited about everything, especially the people she meets.

Later I bring her to my home. After I show her around we sit on the big porch and she tells me about her experiences during her travels from her point of view. They are experiences I didn’t tell in the story. I am enthralled listening to her and in awe meeting her in person.

It is sad when it is time she has to leave and go back into the story. But I am grateful for the time with her. It was so great and the experience helps me to write more of her story.

Tell me, what fictional character would you like to meet?

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