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Happy Easter and Passover.

Easter Lilly FT5000

Easter Lilly FT5000 (Photo credit: gainesmary28)

It is a beautiful day and I am grateful for the gift of our Savior and His sacrifice for us.  I am grateful for God’s unconditional love for each and every one of us.

Normally I spend this day celebrating with friends…their extended family with 6 adults and 10 children…all of whom I love dearly.  For some reason I felt I wanted a quiet Easter day.  I mentioned this to a single friend of mine over a week ago.  She said she also turned down an invitation by two different families this year; that she felt the same way.  So we decided we would have a quiet meal together today, conversation between two friends, a game of Scrabble while the Lamb, potatoes, and carrots roast in the oven.  Then we will watch a joyful happy movie…Happy Feet Two 🙂

I hope you all are having a beautiful, peaceful, happy, joyful , and blessed day.


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On Good Friday we remember that the son of God, Jesus Christ was scourged, and nailed to a cross to die for us.  He went through the excruciating pain and died that our sins be forgiven.

Last night the top part of the Bing cherry tree out front was cut down, and this morning the trunk of it was brought down.  It was sad, yet it had to be done.  Now the front of the house is more visible with the extra light.  So, we begin anew.

Here are some photos of it coming down.


Coming down by Ann Marquette

Top Gone by Ann Marquette

The Naked Trunk by Ann Marquette

Time for Body to Fall by Ann Marquette

All Gone by Ann Marquette

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Daisies And Drops

Yes, it is the first day of April 2012 🙂

What a joyous way to begin April, a beautiful month of the year, this year beginning with Holy Week ~ Palm Sunday.  A week of sadness for Jesus’ death on the cross to pay for our sins, then His rising from death on Easter Sunday…joy, joy, joy.

Per my previous post, for me April is the month, the time of year when I love to begin anew…something.  What will it be this year?

One year ago tomorrow, April 2nd, I put my house FOR SALE BY OWNER sign out front.  There have been some lookers, a few who really liked it, but no offers yet.  Why should they, when they can spend the extra time, effort, frustration of buying a foreclosure or short sale for almost nothing!  My soul knows when the time is right it will sell.  Earthly reality is that our economy is still bad and the housing market still crappy.  So, I wonder if I should take the sign down and wait for, who knows how long, for the housing prices to return to more appropriate values so traditional sales will actually sell for more than what is owed to the mortgage company!  Or should I just leave the sign up, and pray for a miracle!!  After all, it is just the beginning of April.  What surprise blessings are in store this month?

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harvest 2005 Spring Mountain District above th...

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I wrote this last year on Good Friday and thought I would share it with you. I did tweak it slightly and added the last two lines.

It is Good Friday and I think about the death of Christ. And at times I think of my own death to self, and have done so many times in my life to find a new life within.

It is springtime, April 2010. April always makes me feel joyful of new beginnings…Easter, blossoming trees and flowers, and renewal within myself.

All my life I have been on a journey…searching, ever searching for a new and better me, for peace and joy, for love and friendship, for my own paradise. Someone recently gave me a little piece of artwork with a quote by Marcel Proust “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” This spoke to me so profoundly.

I had been living in Georgia for over 15 years, with the last few of them wanting desperately to get out, for various reasons. I decided to move to Napa, CA and did so early September 2005.
Napa is a beautiful place, and the people there are very nice. Yet, for some reason during the months I lived there something in my gut did not feel right. I went through a very tough time, personally, and yet came out better for having done so. I learned more about myself, my family and friends. And I made some new friends while there.

I decided that I needed to return to Georgia, where thank God, my house had not sold. I moved back into my home in Alpharetta. I know this is not where I need to be for the rest of my life, but I have the above quote to remember when needed.

I thank God for the blessings in my life, including those of lessons learned through not so easy times. I am especially grateful for my friends here, in California, the new friends in Greenville, SC and other areas of the United States; and those in other countries.

I am excited in anticipation of the special blessings in store for me, just around the corner.
Bless you all this Easter, and each day of the year.

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It is Saturday, April 23rd. I would like to write something profound, interesting, inspirational, or funny. But nothing comes to mind. I have been resting in quiet peacefulness the last couple days.

Tonight, as I walk the pathways of my brain, looking for something…I find only a quiet mind.
In the quiet spaces I do think about all those I love and care for; and I wish all love and peace.

May you all have a happy, peaceful, and loving Easter tomorrow.

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