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Remembering a dear friend I am reposting this, which I wrote for my friend Terri who passed away in 2006…

I didn’t know you well
I didn’t know you long
But, you became a friend
And, you inspired me

Your kindness and caring
Even through your pain
Your strength, courage, and faith
Amazed and inspired me

Your sweet nagging
To keep writing
To finish the next book
Made my heart smile
You inspired me

I miss you Sweet Lady
Yet you are always
A part of me
In my heart
A beautiful memory
My Inspiration Angel

© December 11, 2006


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There have been many stories of bravery…a man who cuts off part of his own arm when trapped by a fallen bolder, in order to save his life; people who put themselves in front of other so they would not get hurt or killed; women who finally find the courage to be brave enough to walk away from an abusive relationship.

There are levels of bravery. Anyone who finds it in their heart to be brave enough to step out of their comfort zone to do something they have not done before, especially if it is something which will help others.

All these are very brave things, but…
The bravest thing is for us to truly live with integrity and ethics no matter what…to be true to ourselves.

What do you think is the bravest thing?

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