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Paper 450x450

Blank Sheet

A Brand New Start, a Clean New Page to Write On

The newness of it all is so exciting.
A beautiful New Day, the first of a new month, the first of the New Year, the first of a new decade.

This new day will be a beautiful crystal bowl to fill with the sweets, nuts, and or little gems of life I find throughout the day.

Each new month will be a vase to fill with flowers, ferns, or twigs of various kinds and celebrating special moments or events.

This new decade is my Hope Chest which I will fill with my goals and dreams. As each comes to pass I will take out and enjoy it, and maybe add a new one to the chest.

I look forward to the path I will walk, the people I will meet along the way, some who will become part of this new chapter in my life, and the inevitable wonderful surprises which will bless my life in ways I could not imagine.

I am committed to continue what I started last January 1st to work on my personal transformation and writing more. I have made progress, but not where I want to be yet. Congratulations to me for making the progress I did in 2010. Welcome 2011 

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